Monday, June 4, 2007

Learning the Ropes

I just wrote my first blog. It was exciting, I was proud. I wrote on improving the election process, it was tongue-in-cheek, but, I thought poignant. I read the preview, saw one little edit I wanted to make, hit the back arrow, and alas, my words were gone. I looked backwards and forwards, gone! Sigh! Okay so this will take a bit of practice, I'll get it. But now I need to mourn the loss of my words, gone forever into the...wait! Something here says that Blogger saves my drafts automatically! Where oh where can they be?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Election Process

I've traveled all over this beautiful world and I LOVE this country, but while watching the Dems debate last night it occurred to me that we could simplify the entire procedure, saving us all time and grief. Here's my idea; Oprah lists the top 12 issues that matter to voters: abortion, health care, social security, inheritance tax, gay rights, improving our Q factor in the world and oh yeah and the WAR, sigh, and so on and she has her viewers weigh in. Three choices per issue. A) I want the next president to be in favor of legal abortion and protect a woman's right to choose. B) I want the next president to be pro-life. (against legal abortion) or C) The topic of abortion will not influence my vote in either direction. Etc.

Then Oprah, one of the most influencial women/persons on the planet reveals the outcome of this poll. The candidate who wants to win, needs to agree with the majority opinion. Sheesh!

Either that or just let the candidates debate on TV in front of the American Idol Judges. Give the country 2 hours to vote via phone or e-mail. Voila! Oh and if a candidate says they are going to do something, say lower taxes, and they don't within the time alloted, we either vote them more time or they're outta there.

While we're at it, how about if we the people, the tax payers, get to vote specifically on how our money is spent? Show us the bills and the areas asking for money and let us decide by phone in votes. I'm just saying, if I'm capable of looking over my own monthly bills and deciding what gets paid when...why not deciding for the country? I think the majority of the people would make sound, responsible choices. If we didn't there'd be consequences we wouldn't like and we'd learn.

I'm sure there are plenty of holes to poke in my big idea, but there are plenty of things wrong with the existing system as well.

I guess that's it for now, back to my dream world!