Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bears? Oh my!

My friend Sarah shared her dream with me this morning over breakfast. In it she was with a couple of other people when they saw a bear. The others turned and ran away. Sarah knew that a bear could easily out run a person and that that wouldn't work. She opened her heart and started sending love to the bear, over and over she said I love you bear, you are the best bear ever and so on. When she got to the bear he had risen to his hind legs, front paws up in the air. He did not harm her and she woke up. In the language of dreams bears are associated with inner wisdom, bears know where in the tree the honey is hidden. In North American Indian culture the bear is associated with healing, the shaman may wear silver jewelry in the shape of a bear claw. Sarah is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a RN as well. Her dream tells her to embrace her instincts when working with patients and reinforces her choice of profession. The bear stood in respect of her. Sarah is a very loving woman and a wonderful healer, she found it helpful to receive this pat of the back from spirit.

What are your dreams telling you?

Until next time, I send you love,

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nathan Lane

I was watching Late Night this evening/early morning while in bed, wanting to drift off to dreamland... when host Seth Meyers mentioned that Nathan Lane would be his first guest on the show. I adore Nathan, so I postponed my plans for slumber momentarily. To my delight, Nathan asked Seth if he had ever witnessed a dog having a nightmare. Seth said yes, he had and they described a few possibilities for laughs.

If you have ever been a pet parent you have no doubt experienced this first hand. The truth is that all mammals dream. Researchers are currently studying other species to determine if they dream as well. Dreams, are important to our health and well being... even if we don’t interpret them. However, when we do... well, the Talmud puts it this way: “An un-interpreted dream is like an un-opened letter from God.” Please, read “God” as “Universe”, “Spirit”, or whatever you hold as the “larger than you, contributing force of nature”... we all dream every night! You may not remember your dreams but you are still benefiting from them. Stress is managed, for example, through our dreams.

I have an early call tomorrow and now I will not get as much sleep as I prefer, however, I felt it important to share this post with you.
Do not wake a pet in the midst of a nightmare, let them follow it through, unless, of course, they will be physically harmed. The same goes for humans. :)

Until next time, all my best wishes for your sweet dreams,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sting on The Actor's Studio

I just watched the amazingly accomplished Sting interviewed by James Lipton. Sting has sold more than 100 million records, (you do know what records are, right?) has won 16 Grammy Awards, three Academy Awards, one Emmy, and a Golden Globe. He has acted in 15 movies, has written two best selling books and has recently been announced to receive a Kennedy Center Honor this year. And, he relies on his nightly dreams for creativity and for working through his psyche in a very Jungian process. Bravo Sting! Our nightly dreams are think tanks for problem solving as well as a fertile environment for creativity and inspiration.
Both Billy Joel and Sir Paul McCartney have spoken publicly about using their dreams as song incubators. Both melody and lyrics have hovered present as they woke. Joel talked about running to his piano to be certain he had captured the melody gifted to him in his dreams. And McCartney shared that the melody to his song "Yesterday" came in a dream.
Years back, for my column in the Los Angeles Times, I interviewed the woman who co-wrote the Rocky theme. Two time Oscar nominated Carol Connors, is a delightful woman, she would wake with a song in her head and (back in the day) record it on her telephone answering machine, which was on her nightstand.
The melody to “Gonna Fly Now” (you remember the one, it goes, dah - dah - dah-ta-dah - dah - ta - dah - dah - dah... as Rocky is running up the capitol steps in his training for the big fight) came to her in her sleep during the time she was collaborating with another songwriter. That was her dream, just the proper notes and sequence of that song, she woke humming the melody! She told me that this dream bought her a house in Beverly Hills and a Rolls Royce. She set me up on a blind date that didn't work out so well... but that is another story!
She would also sometimes call me at 6:00 AM, excited to share a “dream song.” I was not as enthusiastic as she, as I revere my sleep. That again is another story.
Anyway, what is so exciting to me is that YOU, dear dreamer, can do the same thing! Call in your dream muse. Ask your subconscious mind a specific question before you go to sleep. Write your dream down as soon as you wake as they can evaporate quickly. Use this valuable asset available to you nightly, free of charge and as close as your pillow! If you want a little direction to get you started, email or call me, we can set up an appointment and you will be on your way!
Until next time, I wish you creative and helpful dreams,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Dream Come True

I was hired more than six months ago to speak on the value of our nightly dreams to a group (of mostly women) at the historic Greenbrier Resort. So now, having been there this last week and having such a wonderful time at the event, it was truly a dream come true. Thank you to all who made it possible!

Until next time, here's wishing you sweet dreams,
~ Cynthia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dreaming While Traveling

Many people who do not remember many dreams at home during their weekly routine, do remember their nightly dreams while traveling. Whether for business or pleasure being in a new environment can simulate dream recall. I am currently in West Virginia at the historic and grand Greenbrier Hotel. I spoke yesterday at the Lady's luncheon on the topic of dreams and their meanings. It was great fun.

The amazing wife of the Chairman who coordinated the many social aspects of the annual meeting of AEIC, used the vibrant colors of my book cover as her inspiration and chose shiny orange tablecloths and royal blue runners, orangey yellow Zinnias in brass urns centered each table. It was a wonderful event! A few women told me that they didn't know what to expect and didn't think they would like what I had to say, but they did truly enjoy and appreciate my presentation. That made me very happy.
Such a lovely table setting that matches the colors in my book.

Last night I felt as if I dreamed all night. There was so much stimulation, people, entertainment, my subconscious mind juggled it all throughout the night.

I woke feeling happy and at peace. I hope you did too. If not, perhaps I can be helpful.
Until next time all my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams!


Monday, October 13, 2014

How To Remember Your Dreams

A few blogs ago I promised to give you some tools to assist you in remembering more of your nightly dreams.
It is truly not at all difficult for most people. But you have to want to remember them. Some people dealing with trauma or unpleasant memories have dreams in which the unsettling times or abuse seem to be relived and therefore they intentionally block their dream memory. If this applies to you, counseling can be most helpful. I encourage you to talk with a trusted family member or friend, a clergy person or therapist. The Veterans Administration has post traumatic stress programs and there are other resources available. If none of these appeals to you, try writing out your story to eliminate the need to loop it in your mind. Another technique is to fictionalize the story, make it about other characters, not you. 
If you do want to remember your dreams gather a journal and a light-up pen or small flashlight and pen to place at your bedside. Remind yourself before you go to sleep that you want to remember your dreams. If you wake to an alarm link those two; When my alarm goes off my dream will easily come to mind. If no alarm is involved in your waking simply say to yourself: I will remember my dreams, my dreams are important to me, when I wake my dream will easily come to mind. 
When you wake, try to lie still for a moment or get right back into the last position you were in as you woke. You have just completed a dream cycle. What were you dreaming about? What are your feelings? Jot down your dream, even if it is just a feeling or a fragment. You will build on this. Keep up this process and very soon your subconscious mind will deliver your vivid and helpful dreams each morning. 
For more personalized assistance please make an appointment to work with me. You will use the specific tools we will create to enhance your sleep and dream time for the rest of your life!
Until next time all my best wishes,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dreaming of Your Ex

This morning I woke with three dreams about the same past love. Very often I am asked how to stop dreaming of an Ex. People say I divorced him or her why am I still dreaming about him? There can be many reasons, but if there is no unfinished business regarding that former partner, chances are that they simply represent what you associate with them, just as every other dream symbol.
 In my dream I was in bed waiting for my husband to come to bed. I got up to get a glass of water and when I returned there was a tall aluminum ladder resting across the bed. I lifted it off and as I did, I saw my former husband lying on my side, feet where the head goes and on his belly. He looked out of his right eye at me then closed his eyes again. At that point I remembered that we no longer slept in the same bed and I wondered where I was supposed to sleep. I found a small twin bed in another room and decided that it would be fine for the night. In the next dream I had driven up to my former husband's new home. It was a large two or more story home overlooking a huge expanse of land. As I reached the top of the driveway. I got out and looked over the land. I was surprised to see magnificent lions, bears, and many other types of animals all living there. In one second's time my thought went from--what an amazing thing to be able to witness all of these incredible animals coexisting on this amazing piece of land to--what is protecting me from these fierce, wild animals? I began running back down the road, but a huge full grown lion and a big Grizzly bear were chasing me. I heard my former husband bellow out a yell and knew that the animals would stop and that I was safe. In the third scene my same former love and I were in a family living room. It was some sort of a reunion. A beautiful young girl came up to me, she was about three and a half years old, had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pretty blue dress, the type a little girl would be proud of. She was looking at me and then had an "ah ha" moment as she recognized me as her auntie. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me in big, happy hug as if she missed and loved me. My husband observed this exchange wondering who the girl was and how she was related, he was confused but smiling. 
There are far too many symbols to break down in this blog, but the fact that my former husband was in all three certainly got my attention. In the first dream I can take away that our rolls and positions have changed. The ladder may be my tool to move on and upward in my growth. It tells me that I will find my own way and place on my own. 
The second invites me to be comfortable with my natural instincts and reminds me that I am protected. There are no hard feelings.
The third reminds me that I have a loving place in the family of humankind. 
My former spouse is symbolic for resolve, strength, protection and gentle observation. 
So do not fret, if you are dreaming of an Ex, ask yourself: What are they symbolic for? What adjectives would you use to describe them to someone who didn't know them? Your answer will give you clues as to how your subconscious mind uses him or her in your dreams. 
Until next time, all my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams, Cynthia

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yellow Butterfly

Do you have recurring symbols in your dreams? These may be important messages from your dream muse. Once you establish your meaning for a symbol it becomes part of the language of your subconscious mind.

Two nights ago I remembered a fraction of a dream as my alarm went off. Even though we would prefer to have the entire dream for context, even a fraction can be very helpful.

In my dream I was setting down a yellow butterfly soap holder on the right side of my kitchen sink. Butterflies for me represent: metamorphosis, change, evolving, and spirit. I also associate yellow with  mental energy, the stomach chakra and therefore digestion, and happiness & joy, simply because sunshine gives me those feelings.

Soap of course is used for cleansing or removing an unwanted layer and, from my generation, a threat!  

“Watch your mouth or I'll wash your mouth out with soap!” 

 To which the only proper response was, “Yes, Ma’am!”

My dream continues my current theme regarding positive change. It is a dream of encouragement. As I came out of the dream I felt excited. I also had the feeling that the yellow butterfly soap dish was made on a 3-D copier! I am not sure what that means, but it may become more clear as time goes on.

For now, wishing you a lovely day and helpful dreams.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remembering Your Dreams

Every time I speak about dreams to a group, someone tells me that they don't remember their dreams or they announce: "I don't dream!" The truth is that nearly everyone dreams several times each night. We could hook you up in a sleep clinic and watch your brain activity and eye movement, wake you up when the activity indicates a dreaming mind and you would be able to tell us what you were dreaming about. However the sad fact is that most of us forget most of our dreams. I don't recommend it, but I have known dedicated dreamers who set their alarm to wake them every 90 minutes so that they could write down their dreams throughout the night. This is fun to do once when you don't need to be fully rested the next day.

Some medications block a sleeping person's ability to get to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. People experiencing this say they feel as if they woke from a coma, not a restful sleep. Additionally, some people with certain types of brain damage do not actually dream. That leaves most of us dreaming every night.

There are four stages of sleep and we dream in the lightest one, that takes about 90 minutes for most adults. In my research I have found that the dreams we have shortly after going to sleep tend to be about the day we just lived. Concerns about our partner or children, work stress and other daily stressors can show up to be looked at from a new perspective. Often we wake with an idea for a new approach in a situation we care about. The dreams we have during the night tend to be stress management dreams such as flying, and the dreams we have just before waking tend to be the ones with information or perspective that we can use in our waking state.

The good news is that we can all remember more of our dreams. More on that soon!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dreaming for Dollars

Last night I had a dream that my daughter had cashed in something of value that belonged to me, she was excited to give me the bounty. It was all in coins, old fashioned large scale silver dollars mostly, two were blue and the feeling was that they were more valuable. One was a smaller half-dollar coin. In the dream there was about $135.00 worth of money. She had traded in a coin of mine which had increased in value. She was 14 or 15 years old (half her actual life) and her dad was waiting in his van while she came up to my door to give me this surprise.

My daughter is often in my dreams. Sometimes she represents a younger version of myself, other times I actually tune-in to her life and circumstances. She represents my deepest love and attachment. Money in the language of dreams can be literal or just represent value. However coins can represent change. Two of mine were blue, a color I associate with spirituality and communication. So! Something I love deeply and dearly is bringing me a change of great value involving what I consider to be my life purpose or soul contract involving communication. And bringing it right to my doorstep! 

I feel as if the change is my new website and the opportunities it will bring to do what I love so much, that is to help people remember and interpret their nightly dreams and use them to improve the quality of their lives. YaY!~!~!
Until next time, wishing you great sleep and wonderful dreams. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Dreams…

Most nights I remember at least part of a dream. Sometimes though, all I actually remember is my own interpretation of the dream. Part of my mind is deciphering the dream while I am having it and I wake up with the advice from my dream! I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was giving a young woman a ride on the back of my bike. I shouted at a car that was driving below the speed limit, “Com’on Pops! Let’s go!” Then when the car turned I realized that it was an elderly woman driving. I thought “Mom’s” isn’t quite effective in this instance. I realized that it was hard to pedal with the young woman on the back. It was good exercise but I wasn’t getting very far, very fast.  When I woke I was reminded of several women who I have helped in various ways, which made me very happy. Then I thought of so many women who have helped me over the years, which made me feel very grateful.

In the language of dreams a bicycle can represent balance, since you must stay balanced to ride one.  In my dream there was both a young woman who I was helping to get to where she wanted to be and an older woman who was in my way, going slow. Both women could be parts of myself. Sometimes it feels as though things are moving way too slow, will I be old before I get to where I want to be? Other times I feel like I am just going along for the ride, but not in charge. I was riding on a familiar street in Southern CA next to a park with beautiful green grass. I think the dream was reminding me that life is an adventure. Enjoy the beauty and do the best you can, and it feels great to help others along the way. Even so, I am going to incubate a dream tonight to see what else I can do to move things along!