Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I dreamt about a conversation that I actually had in my waking life. Do you ever carry over your awake life into your dream state? Most of us do at some time.

The dream illustrated a dilemma I have long held. I believe that the studies done with placebos demonstrate the connection between what we believe and our intentions and what we experience with respect to our health. If you believe that if you go outside on a cold day with wet hair you will catch a cold, you are more likely to do so. Additionally, if you believe that homemade chicken soup will cure your cold, it is likely to give you comfort, even though it both instances there are other factors and influences at work contributing to your experience.

Therefore I am cautious when answering questions regarding health. Recently I completed a 16-module course on nutrition and an exam, becoming a Nutritional Advisor to add to my knowledge and credential. Clients dream about food, health, weight loss, addiction and therefore questions come up that I want to answer responsibly. As a board certified behavioral therapist I have worked with many people to achieve their weight and health goals for more than 20 years.

Yesterday a woman asked me about vitamin D. She said, “I just moved to the desert. I should get plenty of vitamin D from the sun.” I said, “One would expect,” nodding. In my dream I saw basically this same scenario and was very unsettled. Recent well-respected studies from universities and hospitals have shown that many of us are deficient in vitamin D, known as “The Sunshine Vitamin”. And vitamin D deficiency is associated with many illnesses including cancers, arthritis, M.S. and high blood pressure in addition to assisting with calcium absorption. All that said, I want the woman to absorb her vitamin D from the sun. I don’t want to plant a seed of doubt. I don’t know exactly how this all works. If every time she feels the warmth of the sun on her skin she confirms to herself “got my “d” for the day,” maybe that is exactly what will happen.

In my dream my thoughts were around things I have read and heard, that apparently pollutants in the atmosphere filter the sun in ways that can prevent our bodies from making vitamin D naturally. In my dream I was so conflicted. It actually woke me up.

My personal rule is to answer direct questions directly. The woman did not actually ask me if she would absorb enough sunshine to make sufficient vitamin D. So I did not tell her what I have been taught. In my waking state that felt appropriate. But my subconscious mind was bothered.

Our subconscious minds are the policing authorities of our lives. We can convince ourselves while awake that all is well, but if it isn’t indications can bubble up in our dreams, giving us an opportunity to take a look from another angle. A fresh perspective can help us make new healthy choices in our waking state.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!