Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Soul Whispers In Dreams
–Write It Down!

“I dream a lot and write down my dreams, because it’s my soul telling me something that I need to pay attention to.” ~Isabel Allende

I met the wonderful author, Isabel Allende at a celebration for a service organization I was involved with. I told her how much I admired her writing and she told me that she remembers her dreams nearly every morning when she wakes, and that she and her daughter-in-law talk by phone over coffee sharing their dreams and coming up with their meanings. I so love when people share their dreams with me.

So many agree with Isabel that our dreams are messages from our soul, spirit or higher-self; the part of us that is eternal. I certainly have had profoundly deep and spiritual dreams. Our nightly dreams, once interpreted, provide unbiased, authentic guidance, direction and inspiration.

I also met author and spiritual teacher, Gary Zukav at a conference he and his life partner were facilitating. In the Seat of the Soul, Gary shared his insight that:

“When we align our thoughts,
emotions, and actions with the
highest part of ourselves, we are
filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning.
Life is rich and full.
We have no thoughts of bitterness.
We have no memory of fear.
We are joyously and intimately engaged with our world.
This is the evidence of authentic power.”

I believe that our nightly dreams could easily be added to Gary’s statement: “When we align our thoughts, emotions, actions” and our nightly dreams, since our dreams do come from the highest part of ourselves.

Our nightly dreams strip away the layers of resistance and the stories we tell ourselves to feel good about the ways we behave in our waking lives. They speak the truth. As a result dreams connect us with our purpose and with ways to get back on track when we are off our path. 

If you’d like to know what your purpose is, begin by making a list of what you feel passionate about, those strong attractions are good clues. Then before going to sleep review your list with the energy of your actual feelings. Next ask your dream to show you easily and clearly: what would be the most fulfilling path for my life? Be sure to write your dream(s) down as soon as you wake, even if they don’t seem related to your question. If interpreting your dream doesn’t point to a clear direction, repeat the process for a few nights by dreaming on one item from your list at a time. Becoming a dream detective will solve the dilemma.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia