Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Deciphering Dream Language

In the language of dreams, people, places, things, and activities aren't always what they appear to be. Each of these dream elements are sometimes subtle messages that could be interpreted as either literal, symbolic or metaphorical. Our emotional sense of the dream is equally an important factor in its interpretation as well. The spoken languages around the world are filled with metaphors and idioms that often become (in the language of dreams) the key that unlocks these messages. Dream symbols can be seemingly abstract and nonsensical until we compare and filter them through the metaphors and idioms of our native language. Here's a recent dream I had and how I interpret its symbols.

In my dream I had a baby boy, he looked about two months old. He had a small growth on the top of his right foot that I was not concerned about, as I knew it could easily be removed and at this young age, it would only be a small scar. The doctor who delivered him was going to do a test to see what all would be involved, we wanted to do this right! My son also had six toes on that foot; I counted twice to be sure. He was asleep in a tote bag which was leaning against the wall in the bathroom, there were a few other things in the bag, as if I had put everything I was carrying in there. I took him out of the tote, he was still asleep but every time I kissed his cute little cheek he smiled. We were in a hotel but had a bus to catch. I was concerned that I didn’t know exactly where the bus stop was. The previous bus had dropped us off on a small side street, but I suspected that the bus we needed to catch would pick us up on the main, larger street just a little further away but in sight. My concern was that I was in the wrong place and could miss my opportunity…but I was very close!

I believe that this dream is an important one for me. My “baby boy” represents a recent creative project that I have given birth to…it is still immature and it is not quite perfect, but there is nothing wrong that can’t be easily fixed. I love and adore this project and have or will reach out to an expert to take care of anything needed in the best way possible. This venture is not the same as other similar things; it has a little something extra! A hotel room is a temporary resting place, this situation is a short-term issue. I am really close to being where I need to be to catch the vehicle that will get me to my next destination, in fact the place is “in sight” (insight)!

So, the questions to ask myself are: How can I identify what this project is as I always have several going at the same time? Who is the expert who’s advice would benefit me? How can I be in the right place at the right time for the next step?

The overall feeling of this dream was positive and encouraging and I am excited to work with it further. The next step, if I don’t figure out exactly which project this dream relates to, will be for me to ask my subconscious mind or dream muse to show me what the baby represents to me. That is a good tip for all of us; ask your dreams for follow-up information. Dream insights are unlimited! 

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
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