Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weeds in My Garden

In a recent dream I noted that the rain had encouraged the weeds to come up in my garden. I had a conversation with the gardener asking him to pull the weeds rather than spray them with poison. Still in the dream, I realized that the garden was symbolic for the subconscious mind, what is under the surface or unconscious, and the weeds represent things that were unknown to me; becoming known, awareness. Not wanting to spray toxicity but instead to get a hold of the thoughts made good sense too. Realizing something like this while still in a dream state is called “Lucid Dreaming” and it can not only provide you with ways to control what is happening in a dream but can also allow you to let the dream still carry on while observing and understanding the meaning as it is happening.

In my dream I was excited at this new meaning and symbol. The language of dreams certainly isn’t fixed; it is constantly growing and expanding. Because of this, we should continually strive to increase our understanding of the symbols that show up and what they may represent.

In my case, the weeds are thoughts (perhaps negative ones) coming up around my approaching birthday, taking stock of where my life is and my expectations of where it should be. Those thoughts are weeds, meaning unwanted growth of dissatisfaction. Our subconscious minds are wonderful at offering us warnings and times to prepare us for what’s coming into our lives.

Since in my dream I talked with an expert, the gardener, I believe my subconscious was suggesting that I may want to talk with someone to help me pull out the negative thoughts from my mind and life. I am going to take that advice.

I encourage you to take a fresh look at your nightly dreams, searching for helpful guidance.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Most of the country is certainly grateful that warmer temperatures are coming after this particularly cold winter. In the language of dreams, seasons have meanings and can predict the timing of happenings in our lives.

Anything blooming represents new growth, the circle of life, anticipation of what’s to develop or manifest.  Spring is also when we see baby bunnies, chicks and other darling new life. These all represent new creative projects, beginnings, abundance, optimism and fertility.

If you are wondering when something will happen and you incubate a dream to inquire of your subconscious mind and the scene is set in Spring, you have a fairly good idea of when that raise or promotion is likely to happen, when is the best time to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or any other matter of timing that you are concerned with.

Both Passover and Easter are celebrated in the Spring. Passover celebrates the liberation from slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt under Moses’s leadership. While Easter celebrates the leader of Christianity, Jesus the Christ’s liberation from death through resurrection. Symbols associated with these observed holy days are therefore associated with freedom and liberation, as well as new life.

Spring Cleaning implies that the dreamer is ready to, or would benefit from, cleaning out old ideas, outdated business practices in favor of newer more timely ones, or preparing him or herself for a new relationship by ending one that is no longer alive and vital. It might be time for a new job and the old must be released in order to make room!

As the days become warmer and longer I wish you every best wishes for your satisfying and helpful dreams.

Until next time, sweet dreams!

~Cynthia Richmond

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Are You “Buying Into"?

My dream last night kinda baffles me. Yes, even though I interpret dreams for a living (and have for more than 25 years), I can still be confused and conflicted at times, especially about my own dreams. It's hard to be objective sometimes when observing one’s own nocturnal dramas.

If you care to share your thoughts about this dream, I welcome them. Please post your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page.

Okay, so, in my dream I was shopping. I had a cart full of stuff, maybe more than one cart. As the checker was ringing up my selections, I suddenly realized that I had to pay for all of this stuff! My next thought was, is there enough money in my account to cover the price of all of this? The total came to something like $505.00. I was shocked. I said to the checker, “I am so sorry but I’ll have to put some of this back.”

In my waking life, the day before, I had been in the grocery store behind a woman who had to make decisions about what to not buy once she saw the total price of her purchase. I so strongly wanted to offer her a few dollars if that would help her. However, my inner voice kept asking me to restrain myself, so as not to embarrass the woman.  As it turned out, she was shopping for a neighbor and had added a few things that she thought the woman would enjoy. She, was not willing to kick in a few bucks to cover the cost herself. It was all a bit confusing to me at the time, but my subconscious mind had captured all of it!

Everything you experience becomes fair fodder for your subconscious mind to pull into your dream state, especially fresh things with your current feelings and reactions. That is why I prefer not to watch violent movies, but we can discuss that another time.

Back to my dream, I started looking at the items on the sales counter; much of it was Christmas decoration. In waking life, after a couple of months of arduous debate within my own mind, I have decided to give up a bunch of my 20 boxes of Christmas d├ęcor. I love the holidays and love to add cheerful elements to every room of my home. However having moved many times, stored things, no kids at home, no grandchildren on the horizon…it seems ridiculous to continue to cart around this much stuff. I have made the decision, recently to donate and throw away a lot of sparkly red and green stuff.

So! My dream was showing me buying, or wanting to buy stuff I no longer actually want. One item was a nice black turtleneck sweater. Which is what helped me remember the dream, when I went to get dressed this cold, drizzly morning. I remembered the dream while looking for something warm and comfy to wear.

The appropriate question to ask myself is: where in my life am I still buying stuff, or buying into thoughts I no longer want? Wow! Buying seems to me to immediately translate to beliefs. What we “buy into”… beliefs are thoughts that we repeat until they become our truth.

Sometimes they are “programmed” from our family. For instance my dad, who I adored, and still do, (he transitioned in 2011) told me at a very young age that there was no musical talent in our family. I have no idea why my dad said that. Maybe it was because he wasn’t particularly interested in music. Maybe he saw a musician’s life as a difficult one…yet I took it to heart. As an adult I finally took singing lessons and enjoyed that experience very much.

I concluded that my dream was reminding me that I do not have to accept, or buy into, anything I no longer need or want.  But I will still recognize what I do want and need.

I will take this advice into my waking life. I hope it will be helpful to you as well.

Until next time, I wish you Sweet Dreams,