Friday, March 12, 2010

What a ride!

In my dream I was driving a little smart car, I was behind an 18 wheel truck, and just barely cleared the intersection before stopping as the truck stopped about 30 feet short of the light. I really had to slam in the breaks and was so so close to the back of the truck it made me really uncomfortable. I backed up and went around the truck in the lane to the left. I thought about giving the truck driver my dagger eyes, but thought better of it and took the high road. Next my car disappeared and I was on skates, old fashioned metal roller skates, same road. I was on Sepulveda Blvd, about to arrive at Ventura Blvd. I could turn left, go straight or turn right, I was aware that I was dreaming and that I could make this choice, the street was slick and I was scared. I turned right and the street became the beach. Sand, kids playing down in a ditch. Next, I was in a house, up on a bunk bed, kids on the beds and under neath between the beds...I was climbing over and at one point was worried because I was wearing shorts and I hoped that I didn't flash a kid down below, he didn't seem to notice anything, a girl in the next bed said "Oh, my sister does much do you weigh?" I said "120 pounds." She helped me crawl over her to the next bed. Next, I was sitting on a couch in the study being told by the hostess of the party that someone I knew had died, an older lady, in the dream I seemed to know exactly who it was and I couldn't believe that she was gone...she had given me a few trinkets, little colored glasses and a few other little things to take home, I wanted a bag to carry them in...

What does it mean?

Nothing can stop me, not even big obstacles! I make the right decisions, (right turn) old stuff or previous experience is starting to pay-off. I'm being assisted and gifted. A slight fear of over-exposure or how new work will affect my privacy...but not to worry. And old self has died, new youthful energy is assisting as I move forward!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep Hitting!

Much like talking in your sleep or sleep walking, you may kick or strike out in your sleep. Most of us are essentially paralyzed, a trick of brain chemistry, while in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) period of sleep, probably a good idea by Mother Nature, so that we don't fall out of bed or injure someone who we are sharing a bed with. Last night I dreamt that my husband and I were on a road trip. We had stopped by a place we had been to on our way there...on our way home to use the restroom. I went into one marked "Toddlers" and was sitting on the toilet when I noticed a round pipe near the floor on each side of the room. I looked at the pipe on the right side and saw an eye looking back at me. I started swinging toward the eye, too far away to use much force, and I guess I couldn't get up either. I remember that I was trying to figure out how I felt as if I was on the ground floor, a concrete floor at that, but yet someone was somehow, below me. In the morning my husband said that I had hit and kicked him in the night. Ah oh! So sorry! I have been a sleep talker all my life, but sleep attacker, that one's new to me. Hoping not to do that again.

What does the dream mean?

I'm revisiting a place in life that I have been to before, I am releasing something I no longer need, something I have already benefited from. I am in a semi-public felt like a car garage, mechanic shop type the language of dreams any vehicle can represent the body, I was on a road trip, the path of my life...I'm not on the ground floor even if it feels like it, I am being observed...and I'm not an infant but a toddler on my spiritual path :) Hmmm... what will tonight's dreams bring?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreams of lost loved ones.

Last night I dreamt of my former mother-in-law. She was wild, a bohemian, business woman, an inventor, designer, someone I admired very much... yet never got along with very well. One time when she made a surprise visit; my hubby, her son and I were working in the backyard and I took a break to make grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup, she saw the soup can and said, "Don't feed my son canned soup, he had too much of that when he was young." Meaning she had fed it to him! She didn't approve of my modesty, didn't understand why I preferred a call before a visit... bear in mind that we were running a business from our home...but on the other hand when her son and I decided on a bicentennial wedding she designed and sewed period costumes for she and her husband and her mother and step-father...and they all looked gorgeous. Near the end of her life I cared for she and her husband, she had dementia, he Alzheimer's (what's the difference I do not know... and what of senility... but anyway... ), I'd put my work on hold to take her to a doctor appointment and to lunch and then the grocery store...take her home and put groceries away... and later get a call from her: "Where are you? I've been sitting here waiting to go all day." It was sad, and of course frustrating... so, when she showed up in my dream last night, looking young, 38-42 and pretty, reddish hair in a sweet style, pretty make-up, soft smile... I was elated. She said, "I had trouble loving myself." That explained why she made some of her life decisions. She had three men with her, she said, "I wouldn't have had this make-over but they were having a special." It was so sweet so kind. I know she was in pain near the end, that was horrible. But her dream visit, explained everything and gave me great comfort. She was dancing, with men cutting in! Thank you Mother Nature, Creator, God for dreams.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Following My God Dream

In the days following my awakening dream, I have on many days, woke with a sentence, advice I believe from the essence of God within my cellular structure. On February 1st I heard: Release your want to receive your treasure." On the 2nd, I woke with the image of epoxy...a type of glue which only works when the contents of two tubes are mixed together...the liquids are absolutely ineffective until mixed together. I rejoiced in the knowing that God's essence is mixed with ours, not separate. On the 3rd, I heard, "Be not discouraged, neither be afraid." On the 4th "I am the intelligence in every cell in your body." To which I asked: "Am I merely a puppet, then?" And I heard "No, you have a mind of your own." On the 5th: "Your best ideas are inspired by me, but I may take it up a notch if you'll take the lid off the pot." Apparently God has a sense of humor! I can't explain why or how or even what, but I am greatly honored to be dreaming these dreams and I feel blessed and reassured that God indeed knows each of us intimately.

My Dream, A Conversation With God!

It was a lucid dream, I was dreaming and yet aware that I was dreaming. In my dream I was with God. I didn't see God, I was in the presence of God's energy. I asked: "How does it all work, God"
And God showed me. There were things I saw and felt and words I heard. God said "I am the consciousness in every cell of your body, and in the cells of every living thing." Then there was a knowing that God is also in the energy all around me and around every living thing. God said "The reason the bible says that God knows the number of hairs on your head, is because God is in every hair on your head, God is holding them onto your head." I said "When I was young I spent a lot of time pondering how God could hear my prayers, and everyone else's prayers too. God was kinda in the same category as Santa Claus to me and I couldn't figure out how Santa could possibly read all the letters he received either. In those days I thought of God as a crowned, bearded man on a throne in the sky."
Now, someone else with the opportunity to communicate with God, would have asked, how can we achieve world peace, or what is the cure for some major illness, but, (not proud of this but it's real, I had gone to bed feeling bloated and knew that I had gained a few pounds over the holidays which I was lamenting) as I observed the beauty that God is living within my cells, animating as God said to me my "clay matter" the very life force in me and all others--I said "God you know my body, my purpose, my soul, tell me, how can I best release these few extra pounds?" (The intension was set and I knew I'd release the weight easily.)
Then I realized that every fly, ant and other insect also have God in them. God breathes life into everything. A new reverence for all living things over-took me, I was filled with such appreciation. I remembered hearing that when asked if he had any regrets--the Dali Llama said "Only that I once accidently stepped on an ant." I then realized that since God already knows my thoughts, wishes, wants, desires and experiences, I don't pray to inform God, I pray for my own clarity. God knows all before I am even made aware. Every intuition, idea and prompting comes from God. "You are my beloved and in you I am well pleased." God showed me the energy of thoughts, thoughts create. I said "Psychologists, for the past 100+ years have taught that we need to be responsible for our behavior and actions, but not our thoughts. But the truth is that thoughts create, they shift energy, and we can learn to control them by seeing the God in the other person. Just as the Japanese water scientist discovered in affecting water with words and emotions. There was an echo as if God and I were speaking the same words at the same time.
I am still living in awe of this dream, daily I close my eyes and tune into the God within the cells of my body and give thanks for knowing that God is not removed, or far away in some perfect land in the sky, but here knowing Gods-self through me and through each of us. A living God, living our lives with us.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Conversation With God

Wow, what a night! Two nights ago I had one of the most profound dreams of my life. I'll share soon, traveling today, but have you ever had a dream that changed your life? I'll tell you mine if you share yours!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Dreams, Night Dreams, Conscious Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream where you recognize that you have been there before? Same dream home, same dream job, friends, etc. It's a feeling of deja-vu and an almost surprising sense, as if you'd forgotten this other life. New research suggests that we are actually dreaming all of the time. That dreams are actually another level of consciousness. If you've had this experience I'd love to hear from you, please tell me your story and send your contact information if you're willing to be interviewed. Thanks so much!

I have had this experience and sometimes the feeling is almost a panic, as if I've avoided responsibilities, or really missed out on an important part of life. If time is actually happening all at the same time and only perceived as linear...what does that say about our dream worlds?

Love to hear from you.

All best wishes for sweet dreams.