Monday, November 16, 2015

A Most Unusual Dream

I attended a daylong class yesterday and during a break I mentioned to another participant that I was a dream author and expert. She said, “Oh! That is fascinating, can I tell you about a dream my daughter had that has me baffled?”

“Of course, please do.” I truly love hearing people’s dreams.

“Well, she talks in her sleep and she was in my bed, so she woke me up. She was speaking in perfect Chinese! She has never been to China and has never studied the language…what could that mean?”

In the 25 plus years that I have studied and interpreted dreams, this one was a first. I really thought I had heard everything. I have had the privilege and honor of reading more than 55,000 dreams. I have had people speak in different languages under hypnosis and while experiencing a past/parallel life regression. However, this was the first time, in my memory, that I heard about a child speaking a non-native language in a dream. 

I would never tell someone who didn’t believe in reincarnation that they were dreaming about a past life or as we now say, given the theory of quantum entanglement and current studies in space/time, parallel life…but that is certainly a logical explanation for me. I don’t pretend to be an expert in these matters, but whether we participate in soul groups, which give us a deep understanding and empathy for others or we have had many lifetimes…it does appear as though there is carry over to the current life we are consciously aware of.  Some children bring talents or interests that we think of as requiring many decades of study and practice.

I suggested to the mother that she look into an opportunity for her daughter to visit China, see where she is drawn to and if she picks up the language and customs easily. It would certainly be fascinating.

Here’s a very cool link to 6 stories of kids who remember their previous lives:

There is a prevalent thought that one should not wake someone who is sleep-talking or sleepwalking. I believe it is based on a fear that it could cause psychosis. The thing is, that is exactly what we do in sleep clinics to better understand people with night terrors and the like. I would suggest to this concerned mother that the next time her daughter was sleep talking that she gently wake her and ask her what she was dreaming about, there might be great clues there.

My father once told me that while I was talking in my sleep I mentioned little green men…I am going to assume that I was dreaming about playing with plastic army soldiers.

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
I invite you to, please, leave your
dream questions and comments below. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Deciphering Dream Language

In the language of dreams, people, places, things, and activities aren't always what they appear to be. Each of these dream elements are sometimes subtle messages that could be interpreted as either literal, symbolic or metaphorical. Our emotional sense of the dream is equally an important factor in its interpretation as well. The spoken languages around the world are filled with metaphors and idioms that often become (in the language of dreams) the key that unlocks these messages. Dream symbols can be seemingly abstract and nonsensical until we compare and filter them through the metaphors and idioms of our native language. Here's a recent dream I had and how I interpret its symbols.

In my dream I had a baby boy, he looked about two months old. He had a small growth on the top of his right foot that I was not concerned about, as I knew it could easily be removed and at this young age, it would only be a small scar. The doctor who delivered him was going to do a test to see what all would be involved, we wanted to do this right! My son also had six toes on that foot; I counted twice to be sure. He was asleep in a tote bag which was leaning against the wall in the bathroom, there were a few other things in the bag, as if I had put everything I was carrying in there. I took him out of the tote, he was still asleep but every time I kissed his cute little cheek he smiled. We were in a hotel but had a bus to catch. I was concerned that I didn’t know exactly where the bus stop was. The previous bus had dropped us off on a small side street, but I suspected that the bus we needed to catch would pick us up on the main, larger street just a little further away but in sight. My concern was that I was in the wrong place and could miss my opportunity…but I was very close!

I believe that this dream is an important one for me. My “baby boy” represents a recent creative project that I have given birth to…it is still immature and it is not quite perfect, but there is nothing wrong that can’t be easily fixed. I love and adore this project and have or will reach out to an expert to take care of anything needed in the best way possible. This venture is not the same as other similar things; it has a little something extra! A hotel room is a temporary resting place, this situation is a short-term issue. I am really close to being where I need to be to catch the vehicle that will get me to my next destination, in fact the place is “in sight” (insight)!

So, the questions to ask myself are: How can I identify what this project is as I always have several going at the same time? Who is the expert who’s advice would benefit me? How can I be in the right place at the right time for the next step?

The overall feeling of this dream was positive and encouraging and I am excited to work with it further. The next step, if I don’t figure out exactly which project this dream relates to, will be for me to ask my subconscious mind or dream muse to show me what the baby represents to me. That is a good tip for all of us; ask your dreams for follow-up information. Dream insights are unlimited! 

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
I invite you to, please, leave your
dream questions and comments below. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Dream of Your Unborn Child

I received this dream via email and thought it would be interesting to share it with my blog readers.

Dear Cynthia, I dreamed I was standing up looking down at my feet. There I saw a little girl; she was a little taller than my knees. She had long brown hair and was looking up at me with an angelic face. She was smiling and had her arms stretched upward the way a child does when they want to be picked up. As I reached for her I woke up.

I found out about a week after having this dream that I am pregnant. A lot of friends and family have told me that I am having a girl. In truth I have always wanted a daughter. What do you think this means?

~ Courtney

Dear Courtney,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The psychic link between a developing baby and its mother is very strong. Pregnant women often dream of their unborn children. Some mothers have dreams depicting concerns about being a good mother. Others have dreams in which they come to understand their ambiguity about becoming a parent. Pregnant women with a fear of childbirth may dream of that process. And some mothers-to-be dream of nutrients that they or their unborn child would benefit from during gestation.

Many mothers claim that their mother’s intuition began while their baby was in utero. They send loving thoughts, sing, read and otherwise talk with their baby and the bonding begins! Many pregnant women report that they communicate with their unborn child in the dream state. It does not seem at all unlikely to me that you did get a glimpse of your child in your dream. Of course, you will know it in time if your child is indeed a girl. Perhaps the dream was saying that your baby chose you on some spiritual level and is happy that you are her mother.

There is another explanation. If your dream is symbolic instead of precognitive the little girl could represent a part of you. Do you need to nurture yourself more? For many of us, once adult responsibilities put demands on our daily lives, we forget the joy of being a child. It can be very therapeutic to swing on a swing, color in a coloring book or finger-paint! Sometimes these simple pleasures can remind us of the need to take time to play. The little girl in your dream could be your inner child wanting you to take care of yourself, manage stress and restore a sense of well being.

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
I invite you to, please, leave your
dream questions and comments below. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cultural Differences in Dreams

An extremely important aspect of dream interpretation is to understand the culture and beliefs of the dreamer. This is why many experts do not recommend most dream dictionaries, which tend to be very generic in nature. Recently I was contacted by a North American Indian gentleman, Northern Cree, about his dream:

I had this dream, I was walking along side a cliff and this white buffalo came and died before us. Carnivorous birds came and feasted right away. My fiancee told me to take the skull, and I told her that the birds should clean it first—we’ll pick it up on the way back. At the time I had this dream I was on my day to a Sun Dance, a sacred ceremony, I think the two are related. Also my grandparents that raised me told me that dreams have meanings and that we shouldn’t ignore them. 

I was searching for information on dreams and I came across your blog.

William Hartie

Dear William,

Before we can interpret your dream we need a bit of background on the Canadian Cree culture. While every tribe has it’s own language and associations to specific symbols, most if not all conduct sacred ceremonies, honor their elders, believe in an afterlife, and believe in the value of dreams and visions.

 As I understand it the Sun Dance ceremony is a sacrifice and prayer observance for one’s family and community, it is meant to insure the survival of future generations.  It is a four-day period and includes fasting for those involved in the rite. In most cases ritual piercings are involved in the sacred ceremony as well. Others set up camp with food, wood and medicines and the elders help and advise. However the participants are outside in the summer sun with no shelter.

The white buffalo is a rare and sacred symbol, it has several meanings, for some it represents that hard times are ahead if the dreamer does not change his ways to benefit himself, his or her family, community and Mother Nature. Some tribes have described that the goddess of peace appeared as a white buffalo and that white buffalo in a dream is a sacred call for the red, black, white and yellow man to come together as one.

So all that said, you will be the best interpreter of your dream, but since you asked, I will share my thoughts in the hopes that they will be helpful. In the dream you are walking beside a cliff, you are on the edge of danger. The white buffalo approaches and dies.  Hope for world peace has died at your feet, the planet is not ready, people are not ready to make the changes necessary to become one. On a more personal note, you may not be ready to endure such a sacrifice. Perhaps you have not done all of the preparation that you could do to experience the deepest benefit of this sacred ceremony.

The birds do benefit from the meat of this special animal, the birds will feast and fly away, they can seed the earth and her people to help make them ready for world change. Birds in the language of dreams can represent messengers of thoughts, freedom and perspective. Leaving the skull there so the birds can glean every bit of this philosophy of peace, you will “pick up” your participation in this ceremony at the proper time, more time is necessary on your part.

I hope this gives you some food for thought, thank you for sharing it with my readers.

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
I invite you to, please, leave your
dream questions and comments below. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Messages of Love from Beyond

In my dream last night I discovered a connection that I had not made before. It was so obvious that I awoke feeling somewhat embarrassed that I've over looked this important synchronicity until last night. I was in the dream-state, but what happened has also been called “Sleep Thinking”. It is a dream experience where literal facts, thoughts or solutions become clear while we are asleep and then we remember them when we are awake. There is nothing symbolic in most of these dreams, they are very literal.

In mine, my deceased dad was pointing out that he died on 10-10-11 and that I always find dimes and sometimes dimes and pennies together. In the dream, my dad reminded me that after he transitioned, I had asked my mom if I could have one of his cardigan sweaters, so whenever I needed a hug from him I could put it on. She chose a sweater from his closet and gave it to me. A month or so later I was thinking of him and thought to put it on, the sweater had pockets on both sides, I unzipped the pockets and put my hands in, there, in the right one was a dime. That was it, nothing else. I thought it strange at that time, why would dad have had a single dime in his pocket?

Dad died on the tenth day of the tenth month. My dream was a confirmation to me that he is aware of my thoughts and love for him and that when I find a dime, he is thinking of me.

Many dreamers report dreams of departed loved ones, dreams including synchronicities in waking life and literal dreams that add great value to their lives. Any and all of these are just further proof of the benefits of paying attention to our nightly nocturnal dramas!

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia

I invite you to, please, leave your
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Monday, May 4, 2015

In Bed with David Hyde Pierce!

Last night I dreamt that I was in bed with David Hyde Pierce (the wonderful co-star of the long running, hit TV series, Frasier). In the dream I knew that he was gay. We had a little peck of a goodnight kiss and I was surprised that I felt chemistry. Also in the dream, I had seen a group of women in the next hotel room, they were having a good time celebrating something.

At first glance you might think this is a meaningless dream…but I see this as a fabulous and powerful message from my unconscious mind to me. Here's how I interpret the symbols and their meanings.

Firstly, I have never met David Hyde Pierce, but I have admired his work and talent for decades. I consider him to be a brilliant, elegant, professional, a bit understated but with very diverse abilities

Being “in bed with” to me refers to a collaboration, a positive connection, and something of mutual interest.

“Chemistry” in this dream I interpret to mean attraction.

“Women celebrating and enjoying” I am leaving at face value, or taking this element literally, and you’ll see why in a moment.

“Hotel” usually refers to something temporary, a place where you only stay for a short time.

When measuring these symbols against circumstances in my waking life, I am currently preparing to be the Master of Ceremonies at a non-profit event in honor of women. I have done this kind of event on many occasions and it is always very important to me that I do a good job. I definitely want to be all of those positive adjectives that I am attracted to and associate with Pierce. 

My subconscious mind wants me to strive to emulate Pierce in my approach, but it also tells me that I do have what I need to make that happen. Essentially, we’rein bed together” in our mutually similar professional attitudes, we are connected

The hotel is a reminder that this event will just be a few hours of my life and the fact that the women in my dream were having a great time is further reassurance from my subconscious that my goal will be a success and that these women will, indeed, feel honored and celebrated!

The next time you have a dream that seems like just a bit of nonsense, try to break down the symbols and elements, make note of your associations to the symbols, consider something you are dealing with in your waking life and look to see if your dream connects with that issue with a helpful message or solution.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia
I invite you to, please, leave
dream questions and comments below.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Soul Whispers In Dreams
–Write It Down!

“I dream a lot and write down my dreams, because it’s my soul telling me something that I need to pay attention to.” ~Isabel Allende

I met the wonderful author, Isabel Allende at a celebration for a service organization I was involved with. I told her how much I admired her writing and she told me that she remembers her dreams nearly every morning when she wakes, and that she and her daughter-in-law talk by phone over coffee sharing their dreams and coming up with their meanings. I so love when people share their dreams with me.

So many agree with Isabel that our dreams are messages from our soul, spirit or higher-self; the part of us that is eternal. I certainly have had profoundly deep and spiritual dreams. Our nightly dreams, once interpreted, provide unbiased, authentic guidance, direction and inspiration.

I also met author and spiritual teacher, Gary Zukav at a conference he and his life partner were facilitating. In the Seat of the Soul, Gary shared his insight that:

“When we align our thoughts,
emotions, and actions with the
highest part of ourselves, we are
filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning.
Life is rich and full.
We have no thoughts of bitterness.
We have no memory of fear.
We are joyously and intimately engaged with our world.
This is the evidence of authentic power.”

I believe that our nightly dreams could easily be added to Gary’s statement: “When we align our thoughts, emotions, actions” and our nightly dreams, since our dreams do come from the highest part of ourselves.

Our nightly dreams strip away the layers of resistance and the stories we tell ourselves to feel good about the ways we behave in our waking lives. They speak the truth. As a result dreams connect us with our purpose and with ways to get back on track when we are off our path. 

If you’d like to know what your purpose is, begin by making a list of what you feel passionate about, those strong attractions are good clues. Then before going to sleep review your list with the energy of your actual feelings. Next ask your dream to show you easily and clearly: what would be the most fulfilling path for my life? Be sure to write your dream(s) down as soon as you wake, even if they don’t seem related to your question. If interpreting your dream doesn’t point to a clear direction, repeat the process for a few nights by dreaming on one item from your list at a time. Becoming a dream detective will solve the dilemma.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weeds in My Garden

In a recent dream I noted that the rain had encouraged the weeds to come up in my garden. I had a conversation with the gardener asking him to pull the weeds rather than spray them with poison. Still in the dream, I realized that the garden was symbolic for the subconscious mind, what is under the surface or unconscious, and the weeds represent things that were unknown to me; becoming known, awareness. Not wanting to spray toxicity but instead to get a hold of the thoughts made good sense too. Realizing something like this while still in a dream state is called “Lucid Dreaming” and it can not only provide you with ways to control what is happening in a dream but can also allow you to let the dream still carry on while observing and understanding the meaning as it is happening.

In my dream I was excited at this new meaning and symbol. The language of dreams certainly isn’t fixed; it is constantly growing and expanding. Because of this, we should continually strive to increase our understanding of the symbols that show up and what they may represent.

In my case, the weeds are thoughts (perhaps negative ones) coming up around my approaching birthday, taking stock of where my life is and my expectations of where it should be. Those thoughts are weeds, meaning unwanted growth of dissatisfaction. Our subconscious minds are wonderful at offering us warnings and times to prepare us for what’s coming into our lives.

Since in my dream I talked with an expert, the gardener, I believe my subconscious was suggesting that I may want to talk with someone to help me pull out the negative thoughts from my mind and life. I am going to take that advice.

I encourage you to take a fresh look at your nightly dreams, searching for helpful guidance.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Most of the country is certainly grateful that warmer temperatures are coming after this particularly cold winter. In the language of dreams, seasons have meanings and can predict the timing of happenings in our lives.

Anything blooming represents new growth, the circle of life, anticipation of what’s to develop or manifest.  Spring is also when we see baby bunnies, chicks and other darling new life. These all represent new creative projects, beginnings, abundance, optimism and fertility.

If you are wondering when something will happen and you incubate a dream to inquire of your subconscious mind and the scene is set in Spring, you have a fairly good idea of when that raise or promotion is likely to happen, when is the best time to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or any other matter of timing that you are concerned with.

Both Passover and Easter are celebrated in the Spring. Passover celebrates the liberation from slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt under Moses’s leadership. While Easter celebrates the leader of Christianity, Jesus the Christ’s liberation from death through resurrection. Symbols associated with these observed holy days are therefore associated with freedom and liberation, as well as new life.

Spring Cleaning implies that the dreamer is ready to, or would benefit from, cleaning out old ideas, outdated business practices in favor of newer more timely ones, or preparing him or herself for a new relationship by ending one that is no longer alive and vital. It might be time for a new job and the old must be released in order to make room!

As the days become warmer and longer I wish you every best wishes for your satisfying and helpful dreams.

Until next time, sweet dreams!

~Cynthia Richmond

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Are You “Buying Into"?

My dream last night kinda baffles me. Yes, even though I interpret dreams for a living (and have for more than 25 years), I can still be confused and conflicted at times, especially about my own dreams. It's hard to be objective sometimes when observing one’s own nocturnal dramas.

If you care to share your thoughts about this dream, I welcome them. Please post your thoughts and comments on my Facebook page.

Okay, so, in my dream I was shopping. I had a cart full of stuff, maybe more than one cart. As the checker was ringing up my selections, I suddenly realized that I had to pay for all of this stuff! My next thought was, is there enough money in my account to cover the price of all of this? The total came to something like $505.00. I was shocked. I said to the checker, “I am so sorry but I’ll have to put some of this back.”

In my waking life, the day before, I had been in the grocery store behind a woman who had to make decisions about what to not buy once she saw the total price of her purchase. I so strongly wanted to offer her a few dollars if that would help her. However, my inner voice kept asking me to restrain myself, so as not to embarrass the woman.  As it turned out, she was shopping for a neighbor and had added a few things that she thought the woman would enjoy. She, was not willing to kick in a few bucks to cover the cost herself. It was all a bit confusing to me at the time, but my subconscious mind had captured all of it!

Everything you experience becomes fair fodder for your subconscious mind to pull into your dream state, especially fresh things with your current feelings and reactions. That is why I prefer not to watch violent movies, but we can discuss that another time.

Back to my dream, I started looking at the items on the sales counter; much of it was Christmas decoration. In waking life, after a couple of months of arduous debate within my own mind, I have decided to give up a bunch of my 20 boxes of Christmas décor. I love the holidays and love to add cheerful elements to every room of my home. However having moved many times, stored things, no kids at home, no grandchildren on the horizon…it seems ridiculous to continue to cart around this much stuff. I have made the decision, recently to donate and throw away a lot of sparkly red and green stuff.

So! My dream was showing me buying, or wanting to buy stuff I no longer actually want. One item was a nice black turtleneck sweater. Which is what helped me remember the dream, when I went to get dressed this cold, drizzly morning. I remembered the dream while looking for something warm and comfy to wear.

The appropriate question to ask myself is: where in my life am I still buying stuff, or buying into thoughts I no longer want? Wow! Buying seems to me to immediately translate to beliefs. What we “buy into”… beliefs are thoughts that we repeat until they become our truth.

Sometimes they are “programmed” from our family. For instance my dad, who I adored, and still do, (he transitioned in 2011) told me at a very young age that there was no musical talent in our family. I have no idea why my dad said that. Maybe it was because he wasn’t particularly interested in music. Maybe he saw a musician’s life as a difficult one…yet I took it to heart. As an adult I finally took singing lessons and enjoyed that experience very much.

I concluded that my dream was reminding me that I do not have to accept, or buy into, anything I no longer need or want.  But I will still recognize what I do want and need.

I will take this advice into my waking life. I hope it will be helpful to you as well.

Until next time, I wish you Sweet Dreams,


Monday, February 16, 2015

Dream Job? Not So Much!

Last night I dreamed I had applied for a job from a newspaper ad. I got the job and my sister came along with me to help me locate the “Title Company” office on Main Street in Placerville, CA; a quaint town I lived in more than 10 years ago.

The name of the company included the word Moss as a last name. I walked in and introduced myself. A nice looking man welcomed me. I asked, “May I use the restroom?” He said, “Well, uh, that’s part of why we hired you, it needs to be cleaned. You look very nice.” His tone was apologetic. I was wearing a black skirt, black, tights and high heels and a blouse. In the dream I remember thinking I was dressed for success, New York City style. He showed me the restroom and the cleaning supplies and I started scrubbing the sink. I wasn’t upset, but I thought, “huh, I thought I was going to be doing desk work. What does this job pay anyway?”

In waking life I am self-employed, not looking for a job. I have never worked in a title company nor do I know exactly what they do. I am, however, writing a new book and considering titles. I am also going through some transitions in my personal life that are similar to some I went through 10 years ago. In the language of dreams, time can be very specific as a way to remind us of something we have dealt with before, just so we don’t make the same mistake again.

The other day a client said, “I don’t let moss grow under my feet.” That is the first thing I thought of when I remembered the name Moss from my dream. Meaning that she is constantly moving, involved in interesting projects. Restrooms are where we let go of what we no longer need and clean up; something that I am literally doing at this time in my home. Placerville is about as opposite to NYC as it could be. I’ve lived in both places and love them both but they represent two different lifestyles to me. In the dream, I am dressed for a fast paced, sophisticated lifestyle, where things can change in a New York minute! However I am in a laid back, country town where things tend to happen slowly. This also reflects a decision that I am considering in my personal life.

Not knowing what the exact job description was and what I would be paid was a suggestion from my subconscious mind to get all of the details before making a decision; there could be hidden things that would definitely help me decide one way or the other.

As a natural optimist, I sometimes see what I want to see and trust that it will all work out. And, sometimes that bites me in the butt! I appreciate the gentle warning this dream provides and will be looking closer at my options. It may have saved me some big and expensive upsets.

I hope this helps you to understand the process of analyzing your nightly, nocturnal dramas, they can offer valuable insight and guidance.

Until next time, all my best wishes for your
Sweet Dreams,
⁓ Cynthia

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dream Warning?

Good Morning Cynthia,
   I had a dream last night that was very unusual for me and I was wondering if you could give me some insight about it?

  Here it goes: my mother and I were very close. She passed in 2011. I've had some instances (and one very powerful dream) in which I know she is with me in a very loving way. My half sister (we had the same mom) quit talking to me right after my mom passed. Last night I dreamed that both of them had their backs to me.

They both appeared separately in my dream. My sister was very vivid. Her hair was pretty, and she had on a pretty light blue dress with big white flowers in the pattern. My mom was further away; I couldn't tell what she had on, but, again, she had her back to me. I had a dream a few years ago about my sister where she was at a long table with other relatives that had passed including my mom. Everyone was talking and having a good time but my sister never spoke. No one looked at me in that dream except my sister. Later, I found out that she had cancer. I just had to ask you about this.
Thank you in advance.

Hi B.T.,
  Given your previous experience with a dream and then a cancer diagnosis for your sister, I understand the urgency of your feelings. Some dreamers do have repeated symbols that always mean the same thing. One dreamer, for example, told me that she dreams about earthworms the night before an earthquake.

  It's human nature to wonder if your dream means that your sister is going to transition soon. The answer to that question cannot be gleaned from this dream. However, it has been my experience that, at times, we are given a warning dream to somehow lessen the blow when something devastating happens. If you've wanted to reach out to your sister and try to mend the communication, it would seem that now would be a good time. I hasten to add that many dreamers have shared dreams in which they see departed loved ones (sometimes communicating with them, sometimes not) and nothing catastrophic happens. Your subconscious mind may just be prompting you to take action.

Until next time, I wish you Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recurring Dreams

Have you ever had the same or a very similar dream more than once? Turns out most of us have. Recurring dreams have two purposes;
  1. Either your subconscious mind or “dream muse” is delivering a message that you have (up till now) not interpreted or understood, so it keeps sending this message because it is important,
  2. Or you are back in a situation that you've been in before and your subconscious mind is wanting to remind you, so you don't repeat a mistake or challenge that you've already checked off your list of life assignments!
Another version of the recurring dream is when we repeatedly dream about the same theme or symbol. Many years ago I went through a period of several months when I had recurring bathroom dreams. I devoted a chapter in my book, Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life, to bathroom dreams.

Bathrooms are where we purge ourselves of what is no longer needed. We have digested the nutrients and need to release the waste. Or cleanse ourselves. These dreams can show up in so many forms. For example, you are trying to locate a bathroom in a shopping mall and think you have finally found one, only to realize that the room you found is just a dressing room with no toilet. Or the toilet has no walls and no privacy, or it is filthy, or it is a floor-sink, third-world type, primitive toilet and you have to get naked to use it. In my case, I understood that I needed to let go of a relationship that was no longer bringing out the best in either of us.

Another time in my life I had a series of hat dreams. I knew I was carrying a heavy load of responsibility at the time, lots of jobs and additional, important duties. I was playing many roles or wearing many hats.

If you are experiencing a recurring dream and do not understand the meaning, ask yourself: 
  1. What is it that I do not want to acknowledge? Or...
  2. What pattern is showing up again in my life? Or...
  3. Simply interpret the dream according to your association with each symbol and then tincture out the possible meanings until there is a feeling of recognition?
Bottom line, recurring dreams are important. They are a gentle nudge to pay attention and learn so you can save yourself from undergoing unnecessary stress and trouble.

Until next time,

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,