Monday, November 16, 2015

A Most Unusual Dream

I attended a daylong class yesterday and during a break I mentioned to another participant that I was a dream author and expert. She said, “Oh! That is fascinating, can I tell you about a dream my daughter had that has me baffled?”

“Of course, please do.” I truly love hearing people’s dreams.

“Well, she talks in her sleep and she was in my bed, so she woke me up. She was speaking in perfect Chinese! She has never been to China and has never studied the language…what could that mean?”

In the 25 plus years that I have studied and interpreted dreams, this one was a first. I really thought I had heard everything. I have had the privilege and honor of reading more than 55,000 dreams. I have had people speak in different languages under hypnosis and while experiencing a past/parallel life regression. However, this was the first time, in my memory, that I heard about a child speaking a non-native language in a dream. 

I would never tell someone who didn’t believe in reincarnation that they were dreaming about a past life or as we now say, given the theory of quantum entanglement and current studies in space/time, parallel life…but that is certainly a logical explanation for me. I don’t pretend to be an expert in these matters, but whether we participate in soul groups, which give us a deep understanding and empathy for others or we have had many lifetimes…it does appear as though there is carry over to the current life we are consciously aware of.  Some children bring talents or interests that we think of as requiring many decades of study and practice.

I suggested to the mother that she look into an opportunity for her daughter to visit China, see where she is drawn to and if she picks up the language and customs easily. It would certainly be fascinating.

Here’s a very cool link to 6 stories of kids who remember their previous lives:

There is a prevalent thought that one should not wake someone who is sleep-talking or sleepwalking. I believe it is based on a fear that it could cause psychosis. The thing is, that is exactly what we do in sleep clinics to better understand people with night terrors and the like. I would suggest to this concerned mother that the next time her daughter was sleep talking that she gently wake her and ask her what she was dreaming about, there might be great clues there.

My father once told me that while I was talking in my sleep I mentioned little green men…I am going to assume that I was dreaming about playing with plastic army soldiers.

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