Monday, July 20, 2015

A Dream of Your Unborn Child

I received this dream via email and thought it would be interesting to share it with my blog readers.

Dear Cynthia, I dreamed I was standing up looking down at my feet. There I saw a little girl; she was a little taller than my knees. She had long brown hair and was looking up at me with an angelic face. She was smiling and had her arms stretched upward the way a child does when they want to be picked up. As I reached for her I woke up.

I found out about a week after having this dream that I am pregnant. A lot of friends and family have told me that I am having a girl. In truth I have always wanted a daughter. What do you think this means?

~ Courtney

Dear Courtney,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

The psychic link between a developing baby and its mother is very strong. Pregnant women often dream of their unborn children. Some mothers have dreams depicting concerns about being a good mother. Others have dreams in which they come to understand their ambiguity about becoming a parent. Pregnant women with a fear of childbirth may dream of that process. And some mothers-to-be dream of nutrients that they or their unborn child would benefit from during gestation.

Many mothers claim that their mother’s intuition began while their baby was in utero. They send loving thoughts, sing, read and otherwise talk with their baby and the bonding begins! Many pregnant women report that they communicate with their unborn child in the dream state. It does not seem at all unlikely to me that you did get a glimpse of your child in your dream. Of course, you will know it in time if your child is indeed a girl. Perhaps the dream was saying that your baby chose you on some spiritual level and is happy that you are her mother.

There is another explanation. If your dream is symbolic instead of precognitive the little girl could represent a part of you. Do you need to nurture yourself more? For many of us, once adult responsibilities put demands on our daily lives, we forget the joy of being a child. It can be very therapeutic to swing on a swing, color in a coloring book or finger-paint! Sometimes these simple pleasures can remind us of the need to take time to play. The little girl in your dream could be your inner child wanting you to take care of yourself, manage stress and restore a sense of well being.

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,
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