Friday, March 12, 2010

What a ride!

In my dream I was driving a little smart car, I was behind an 18 wheel truck, and just barely cleared the intersection before stopping as the truck stopped about 30 feet short of the light. I really had to slam in the breaks and was so so close to the back of the truck it made me really uncomfortable. I backed up and went around the truck in the lane to the left. I thought about giving the truck driver my dagger eyes, but thought better of it and took the high road. Next my car disappeared and I was on skates, old fashioned metal roller skates, same road. I was on Sepulveda Blvd, about to arrive at Ventura Blvd. I could turn left, go straight or turn right, I was aware that I was dreaming and that I could make this choice, the street was slick and I was scared. I turned right and the street became the beach. Sand, kids playing down in a ditch. Next, I was in a house, up on a bunk bed, kids on the beds and under neath between the beds...I was climbing over and at one point was worried because I was wearing shorts and I hoped that I didn't flash a kid down below, he didn't seem to notice anything, a girl in the next bed said "Oh, my sister does much do you weigh?" I said "120 pounds." She helped me crawl over her to the next bed. Next, I was sitting on a couch in the study being told by the hostess of the party that someone I knew had died, an older lady, in the dream I seemed to know exactly who it was and I couldn't believe that she was gone...she had given me a few trinkets, little colored glasses and a few other little things to take home, I wanted a bag to carry them in...

What does it mean?

Nothing can stop me, not even big obstacles! I make the right decisions, (right turn) old stuff or previous experience is starting to pay-off. I'm being assisted and gifted. A slight fear of over-exposure or how new work will affect my privacy...but not to worry. And old self has died, new youthful energy is assisting as I move forward!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep Hitting!

Much like talking in your sleep or sleep walking, you may kick or strike out in your sleep. Most of us are essentially paralyzed, a trick of brain chemistry, while in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) period of sleep, probably a good idea by Mother Nature, so that we don't fall out of bed or injure someone who we are sharing a bed with. Last night I dreamt that my husband and I were on a road trip. We had stopped by a place we had been to on our way there...on our way home to use the restroom. I went into one marked "Toddlers" and was sitting on the toilet when I noticed a round pipe near the floor on each side of the room. I looked at the pipe on the right side and saw an eye looking back at me. I started swinging toward the eye, too far away to use much force, and I guess I couldn't get up either. I remember that I was trying to figure out how I felt as if I was on the ground floor, a concrete floor at that, but yet someone was somehow, below me. In the morning my husband said that I had hit and kicked him in the night. Ah oh! So sorry! I have been a sleep talker all my life, but sleep attacker, that one's new to me. Hoping not to do that again.

What does the dream mean?

I'm revisiting a place in life that I have been to before, I am releasing something I no longer need, something I have already benefited from. I am in a semi-public felt like a car garage, mechanic shop type the language of dreams any vehicle can represent the body, I was on a road trip, the path of my life...I'm not on the ground floor even if it feels like it, I am being observed...and I'm not an infant but a toddler on my spiritual path :) Hmmm... what will tonight's dreams bring?