Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recurring Dreams

Have you ever had the same or a very similar dream more than once? Turns out most of us have. Recurring dreams have two purposes;
  1. Either your subconscious mind or “dream muse” is delivering a message that you have (up till now) not interpreted or understood, so it keeps sending this message because it is important,
  2. Or you are back in a situation that you've been in before and your subconscious mind is wanting to remind you, so you don't repeat a mistake or challenge that you've already checked off your list of life assignments!
Another version of the recurring dream is when we repeatedly dream about the same theme or symbol. Many years ago I went through a period of several months when I had recurring bathroom dreams. I devoted a chapter in my book, Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life, to bathroom dreams.

Bathrooms are where we purge ourselves of what is no longer needed. We have digested the nutrients and need to release the waste. Or cleanse ourselves. These dreams can show up in so many forms. For example, you are trying to locate a bathroom in a shopping mall and think you have finally found one, only to realize that the room you found is just a dressing room with no toilet. Or the toilet has no walls and no privacy, or it is filthy, or it is a floor-sink, third-world type, primitive toilet and you have to get naked to use it. In my case, I understood that I needed to let go of a relationship that was no longer bringing out the best in either of us.

Another time in my life I had a series of hat dreams. I knew I was carrying a heavy load of responsibility at the time, lots of jobs and additional, important duties. I was playing many roles or wearing many hats.

If you are experiencing a recurring dream and do not understand the meaning, ask yourself: 
  1. What is it that I do not want to acknowledge? Or...
  2. What pattern is showing up again in my life? Or...
  3. Simply interpret the dream according to your association with each symbol and then tincture out the possible meanings until there is a feeling of recognition?
Bottom line, recurring dreams are important. They are a gentle nudge to pay attention and learn so you can save yourself from undergoing unnecessary stress and trouble.

Until next time,

All my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams,


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