Monday, December 29, 2014

A Spider is In-Love with Me!

A reader recently asked me about this interesting spider dream.
Dear Cynthia,

I have a question about a dream that I have. I looked online but I can't find the answer. A spider attached itself to me. Every time the owner took the spider away the spider would spin a web, come back to me and land on my head. It did not attack me or anything like that. It was just in-love with me, I guess. What does that really mean?

~Shawanda Harris
Dear Shawanda,

I am so curious to know if you have an admirer who is possibly married, engaged “belongs to” or is otherwise committed to someone else, yet they keep flirting or want to come back to you?

In the language of dreams, a spider can represent manipulation because they weave their beautiful webs to catch their prey, their food. Poisonous spiders can represent toxic relationships, but in yours dream the spider just goes for your head. It's as if someone keeps wanting you to think of them, remember them, and so on.

If this does not apply, ask yourself: Do I feel manipulated by anyone, or, am I manipulating someone? A parent or friend may be trying to impose their agenda into your life. Or, you may be overly controlling to someone else.

If you fear spiders in your waking life, they can represent fear to you. Ask yourself: What condition, situation or person am I afraid of and what can I do to reassure or protect myself.

Additionally, if you are a collector of spiders, study or adore them, they could represent those activities and/or feelings as well.

Shawanda, please let me know if this is helpful.

Until next time, all my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams!


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