Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Most of the country is certainly grateful that warmer temperatures are coming after this particularly cold winter. In the language of dreams, seasons have meanings and can predict the timing of happenings in our lives.

Anything blooming represents new growth, the circle of life, anticipation of what’s to develop or manifest.  Spring is also when we see baby bunnies, chicks and other darling new life. These all represent new creative projects, beginnings, abundance, optimism and fertility.

If you are wondering when something will happen and you incubate a dream to inquire of your subconscious mind and the scene is set in Spring, you have a fairly good idea of when that raise or promotion is likely to happen, when is the best time to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or any other matter of timing that you are concerned with.

Both Passover and Easter are celebrated in the Spring. Passover celebrates the liberation from slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt under Moses’s leadership. While Easter celebrates the leader of Christianity, Jesus the Christ’s liberation from death through resurrection. Symbols associated with these observed holy days are therefore associated with freedom and liberation, as well as new life.

Spring Cleaning implies that the dreamer is ready to, or would benefit from, cleaning out old ideas, outdated business practices in favor of newer more timely ones, or preparing him or herself for a new relationship by ending one that is no longer alive and vital. It might be time for a new job and the old must be released in order to make room!

As the days become warmer and longer I wish you every best wishes for your satisfying and helpful dreams.

Until next time, sweet dreams!

~Cynthia Richmond

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