Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weeds in My Garden

In a recent dream I noted that the rain had encouraged the weeds to come up in my garden. I had a conversation with the gardener asking him to pull the weeds rather than spray them with poison. Still in the dream, I realized that the garden was symbolic for the subconscious mind, what is under the surface or unconscious, and the weeds represent things that were unknown to me; becoming known, awareness. Not wanting to spray toxicity but instead to get a hold of the thoughts made good sense too. Realizing something like this while still in a dream state is called “Lucid Dreaming” and it can not only provide you with ways to control what is happening in a dream but can also allow you to let the dream still carry on while observing and understanding the meaning as it is happening.

In my dream I was excited at this new meaning and symbol. The language of dreams certainly isn’t fixed; it is constantly growing and expanding. Because of this, we should continually strive to increase our understanding of the symbols that show up and what they may represent.

In my case, the weeds are thoughts (perhaps negative ones) coming up around my approaching birthday, taking stock of where my life is and my expectations of where it should be. Those thoughts are weeds, meaning unwanted growth of dissatisfaction. Our subconscious minds are wonderful at offering us warnings and times to prepare us for what’s coming into our lives.

Since in my dream I talked with an expert, the gardener, I believe my subconscious was suggesting that I may want to talk with someone to help me pull out the negative thoughts from my mind and life. I am going to take that advice.

I encourage you to take a fresh look at your nightly dreams, searching for helpful guidance.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!


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  1. I like the interpretation on the" weed in my garden" dream. About thirty years ago I was sent with three other members by my Church headquater to pioneer a new church center.I was the head of the group so I have to be an examplurary hard working leader. Few months later the load got heavier and i was in much distress over the lack of resul and began to worry what to do. Of course negative thoughts began to roll in. Than one night i had this dream. I dreamed I was in a huge field and my job was to plant seeds in all the empty patches that had no grass. the field was so huge and there were thousand of empty patches that is almost impossible to complete. Than a man came to help me, showing me how to plant seeds. He knelt on the grown where the empty patch was and dug the surface about 5 inches deep mixed the top dry soil with the wet soil that came from the bottom and sprayed the seeds and mixed it gentle in the soil and fluffed the soil gently and left like that. End of the dream. I learned than that i need to be patient and put love in my work.