Monday, May 4, 2015

In Bed with David Hyde Pierce!

Last night I dreamt that I was in bed with David Hyde Pierce (the wonderful co-star of the long running, hit TV series, Frasier). In the dream I knew that he was gay. We had a little peck of a goodnight kiss and I was surprised that I felt chemistry. Also in the dream, I had seen a group of women in the next hotel room, they were having a good time celebrating something.

At first glance you might think this is a meaningless dream…but I see this as a fabulous and powerful message from my unconscious mind to me. Here's how I interpret the symbols and their meanings.

Firstly, I have never met David Hyde Pierce, but I have admired his work and talent for decades. I consider him to be a brilliant, elegant, professional, a bit understated but with very diverse abilities

Being “in bed with” to me refers to a collaboration, a positive connection, and something of mutual interest.

“Chemistry” in this dream I interpret to mean attraction.

“Women celebrating and enjoying” I am leaving at face value, or taking this element literally, and you’ll see why in a moment.

“Hotel” usually refers to something temporary, a place where you only stay for a short time.

When measuring these symbols against circumstances in my waking life, I am currently preparing to be the Master of Ceremonies at a non-profit event in honor of women. I have done this kind of event on many occasions and it is always very important to me that I do a good job. I definitely want to be all of those positive adjectives that I am attracted to and associate with Pierce. 

My subconscious mind wants me to strive to emulate Pierce in my approach, but it also tells me that I do have what I need to make that happen. Essentially, we’rein bed together” in our mutually similar professional attitudes, we are connected

The hotel is a reminder that this event will just be a few hours of my life and the fact that the women in my dream were having a great time is further reassurance from my subconscious that my goal will be a success and that these women will, indeed, feel honored and celebrated!

The next time you have a dream that seems like just a bit of nonsense, try to break down the symbols and elements, make note of your associations to the symbols, consider something you are dealing with in your waking life and look to see if your dream connects with that issue with a helpful message or solution.

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia
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