Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Messages of Love from Beyond

In my dream last night I discovered a connection that I had not made before. It was so obvious that I awoke feeling somewhat embarrassed that I've over looked this important synchronicity until last night. I was in the dream-state, but what happened has also been called “Sleep Thinking”. It is a dream experience where literal facts, thoughts or solutions become clear while we are asleep and then we remember them when we are awake. There is nothing symbolic in most of these dreams, they are very literal.

In mine, my deceased dad was pointing out that he died on 10-10-11 and that I always find dimes and sometimes dimes and pennies together. In the dream, my dad reminded me that after he transitioned, I had asked my mom if I could have one of his cardigan sweaters, so whenever I needed a hug from him I could put it on. She chose a sweater from his closet and gave it to me. A month or so later I was thinking of him and thought to put it on, the sweater had pockets on both sides, I unzipped the pockets and put my hands in, there, in the right one was a dime. That was it, nothing else. I thought it strange at that time, why would dad have had a single dime in his pocket?

Dad died on the tenth day of the tenth month. My dream was a confirmation to me that he is aware of my thoughts and love for him and that when I find a dime, he is thinking of me.

Many dreamers report dreams of departed loved ones, dreams including synchronicities in waking life and literal dreams that add great value to their lives. Any and all of these are just further proof of the benefits of paying attention to our nightly nocturnal dramas!

Until next time I wish you Sweet Dreams!
⁓ Cynthia

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