Monday, December 8, 2014

Intentionally Repeating a Dream

Have you ever incubated a dream or put yourself back into a dream you experienced previously?

As a kid, in a family that celebrated Christmas, I had quite a responsibility. I was the oldest of five children. Which made me the responsible kiddo. I held the other kids hands walking in parking lots, was left to babysit them when both parents were at work, and so on. 

The year I was 10, I was so excited about Christmas. We had decorated the tree and the whole house. I had bought and wrapped gifts for my family members, it was all so much fun. Everyone was in a good mood. Our grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins were coming over the next day for dinner.

It was so stimulating that I couldn't get to sleep. And of course, Santa doesn't come until all the kids are asleep, everyone knows that! If I couldn't get to sleep I would single-handedly ruin Christmas for my entire family.

Finally I was asleep and having a nightmare. In it my mom and siblings were in a grocery store. With five children my mom had a rule, we always had to be holding hands with one or two of the other kids. In my dream, I was alone and separated from my family. The shelves were all very high, I couldn't see or find them. I was going to be in trouble and I was scared, but even more frightened to be lost and alone.

Then I woke up! It was Christmas morning! I was not lost or in trouble.

The following Christmas, once again I was excited and couldn't get to sleep. It dawned on me that I could intentionally re-dream the grocery store dream. It had been really scary but this time I would know that it was just a dream and I would wake up and it would be Christmas! It worked! I re-dreamed the dream, but it was lucid, I knew that it was just a dream, I tried to play along with the previous "script" all-the-while knowing it was all okay.

If you have a favorite dream or dream theme, such as flying, remember the dream and the feelings you had in it as you drift to sleep. It's very likely that you can revisit that lovely dreamscape.

Until next time, I wish you sugarplums dancing in your dreamy head,

~ Cynthia

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