Monday, December 1, 2014

Teeth Falling Out!

The fifth most common dream that people report having is one in which, some or all of their teeth are loose, falling out or missing. Sometimes the dreams are so vivid that the person has to check their mouth when they wake up just to be certain it isn't true.

This is actually one of the first recorded dreams in history. Artemidorus, a Greek philosopher, wrote the earliest known book on the interpretation of dreams in the 2nd century B.C. The treatise, Oneirocritica (Interpretation of Dreams), was written in sections in which, Artemidorus talks about metaphor and symbolism in dreams as well as the need to understand the dreamer, his or her beliefs and culture, to properly understand the personal meaning of a dream. He said that a dream of teeth falling out typically reflected a fear of death, since in the animal kingdom when a being looses its teeth, it can no longer procure food, eat or defend itself and therefore it dies. 

In a more modern context, dreams of teeth falling out are often demonstrating a concern about physical appearance or a fear about something that has been communicated and may have been misunderstood or could reflect badly on the dreamer. 

Of course, as with all dreams, one should first rule out the literal; your subconscious mind could be letting you know that a visit to the dentist is in your best interest. A dentist wrote to me a few years back alerting me that several of his patients with T.M.J.,  (Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder) had dreams of their teeth falling out, and it was their dream that prompted them to make a dental appointment.

If you are not in need of dental attention, ask yourself:
  • Have I been thinking about or fearing death? What can I do to feel more safe or healthier?
  • Or: What can I do to improve my appearance and feel better about how I look?
  • Or: In which communications am I feeling vulnerable? What can I do to clear the air?
If any of these questions feels like an "Ah ha!" moment, explore it further.

Until next time, I wish you warm regards and sweet dreams,


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