Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm Flying!

It is exhilarating. I merely take a few steps forward
with my arms outstretched and I am airborne!
Have you ever had a flying dream? They are among the top-five most common dreams, and dreamers love having them.

Flying dreams help us “rise above” the gravity of our daily waking lives. They can assist us in finding a new perspective or way of looking at a situation. Dreams of taking flight offer stress management, fun and peaceful soaring, most dreamers love them.

Years ago, I was a guest on The View, a television program created and initially hosted by Barbara Walters, now by Whoopi Goldberg. One of the times I was a guest, we discussed the topic of dreams and Meredith Vieira shared that she had a recurring nightmare that she was in a passenger jet that was out of control and heading down. In her terrifying dream the plane does land and she is able to walk off the plane with no injuries.

My interpretation was as follows: In the language of dreams, Air represents the mental, our thoughts. Land represents what we know for sure; consciousness, we can see it feel it, stand on it. And Water (i.e., oceans, lakes) represent the unconscious or what is below the surface. Moving up is typically good; we are rising in stature, getting promoted, our investments are increasing. Headed down, especially in a plane is not so good.

I told Meredith that this was a natural thought and feeling in her line of work as a television journalist and talk show host. As a passenger on the plane and not the pilot, she realized that she was not in control of her ratings or public approval. A natural fear would be that ratings could go down and her career could crash. However her dream demonstrates that she will always be okay, she walks off the crashed plane unscathed.

As a journalist, Meredith has had to report on plane crashes and (in reality) she is not fond of flying. However, her dream referred to her career and as predicted she is flying high with her own fabulous talk show.

She was so kind and lovely to me and I wish her all the best, always.

Wishing you every best wish for flying high in your dreams,


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