Friday, November 7, 2014

Dreaming Decisions

“It is very queer. But my dreams make conclusions for me. They decide things finally. I dream a decision.” 
~D.H. Lawrence, English Novelist
When making an important decision, we are often advised, “to sleep on it.” The reason for this sage advice is that our subconscious mind can sort out the facts and separate the emotion, or clarify the emotions for us.

If you'd like to experience this focus, before you go to sleep do your best to write the question you want answered or decision you need to make. The more specific you can be, the better the chance of a clear answer from your dream muse. After writing your question in your dream journal, repeat it silently as you drift off to dreamland. For example:
  • What is in the best interest of my physical health at this time?
  •  How can I best support my loved one through this challenge?  
  • What is the best way to increase my income to cover the holidays? 
Remind yourself to remember your dreams and when you wake, write down everything you remember. Do not worry if the dream doesn't seem related to our question. Once you interpret it, it will lend ideas and answers for you. 

You may of course, also receive information on other important issues in your life. These may at first not seem related, but often they are! So stay open minded and work with the symbols and your associations to them.

Give this a try if it appeals to you and please let me know how you do!

Until next time,
Sweet Dreams,


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