Thursday, November 20, 2014

Test Day, Oh No!

One of the most common dreams across the board, both genders, all cultures, all ages and so on, is the dream that you are at school, it’s test day, you haven’t studied, can’t find the classroom, can’t find your locker or remember the combination, and a multitude of other variations on this theme.

Have you had that one? Most of us have. I find that so fascinating. People say, “I haven't been in school for decades—why did I have that dream?”

The dream takes other forms as well. When Simon & Schuster sent me on book tour for Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to change Your Life, I got to visit eight cities across this wonderful country of ours. I was privileged to hear dreams from so many people; I would probably never have met otherwise. Morning drive radio jocks had their version of this dream. For them it was the “Dead Air” dream. Their test so-to-speak was that they had failed the radio station by allowing dead air or silence. They were either in the men’s room, couldn’t find a tape or CD, went out of the building for a smoke and the door locked them out of their studio and other disasters.

New York’s Maurice DuBois interviewed me several times, telling me of his version of this dream. In it, this dapperly dressed journalist could not find a tie! A suit and tie were required, of course, to report the news or interview a guest and he would wake panicked. By the way, I adored working with him and found him to be an exceptional interviewer and broadcaster.

So! What does this dream mean?
What is it trying to tell us?

This dream shows up in the lives of adults, much past academic pursuits, at a time when they feel as if they are being tested and that there will be a consequence that could be dismal. This could be anything you really care about; meeting your potential future in-laws, facing a job interview, asking an online date for an in-person meeting, or something else of major consequence.

This dream reflects a mild anxiety. So! What should you do if you have such a dream? Ask yourself : “What can I do to relieve my fear in this situation? Can I prepare better?”

Stash a back up tie in your desk drawer? Add your potential future mother-in-law’s favorite flowers to the table? You get the idea. Ask, where am I being tested? How can I get an A or 100%?
In the near future I will share the remaining top three most common dreams. We’ve already discussed “Naked in Public.”

Until next time, I wish you every best wish for your sweet dreams,

~ Cynthia

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