Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dream Visits From Beyond

Recently I had the honor of working with a woman who dreamt of her recently departed daughter (I've changed the names to protect her privacy).

Carol told me that her 20 year-old daughter, Amy, was away at college when she died of an aneurysm. In her dream, the front door bell rang. Carol went to the door and opened it but no one was there, she felt confused, then characteristic of her daughter, Amy peeked out from around the corner. Carol said, "Amy where are you? I miss you." Amy replied, "I'm right here Mom, I'm right here." So, Carol asked me, "What does that mean?" 

It means, of course, that even though Carol cannot see her daughter in the flesh, she is still near and listening, aware of her mother's feelings. I suggested that she talk to Amy as though she is in the room and invite her to visit her in her nightly dreams. Carol told me that I helped her more than she could possibly express. I thanked her for doing the same for me. She validated my passion for my work.

Over the more than 25 years that I have been helping people to remember and understand their dreams, the topic of departed loved ones has come up frequently. In my experience, there have been two types: 
  1. In one, the dream truly feels like a genuine visit from the spirit of the dead person. 
  2. The other is when the dead person now symbolizes or represents whatever you associate with them, just as every other symbol in your dreams does.
During the grieving process, some dreamers are dealing with regret: Did I do enough? Could I have saved him? I should have told her that I love her, and so on. The dreams can reflect these worrisome thoughts. These are unsettling to be sure, but they are not visitation dreams. Visitation dreams are always positive, always peaceful.
I record The Long Island Medium (LIM) on TLC and binge watch it on the weekend. Theresa Caputo is known for her "big hair," long fingernails and her uncannily accurate readings. She is able to "feel," as she describes it, "the energy of the departed, including how they died".

I have worked with many mediums and consider two in particular to be my friends. They are the best of the best; John Edward, also living in Long Island, and James Van Praagh, who is on the West Coast. John invited me to be the dream expert on his wonderful online university called Infinite Quest, and James invited me to be on his television show many times to help people who were dreaming of departed loved ones. I have also done a workshop with James here in Sedona, and radio with John in NYC, as well as other things. We have a mutual respect for each other and the work that we do. Many are skeptical about mediums but those born with this amazing ability will tell you that this is fine. They aren't there to make you a believer, just to communicate what your loved one wants to share.

I was very touched by a recent episode of LIM in which a mother dreamed she had handed her very ill child to her grandmother who had passed. Two days later the child died. The dream went a long way toward comforting this mother.

Our nightly dreams can bring deeply gratifying comfort, they can prepare us and they can be a bridge to communication with our loved ones that go upstairs before we do. 

One last thing, I want to address a fear that some have expressed to me, they wonder if they have a dream about someone dying if they in anyway caused that person to pass. The answer is a resounding "NO." The dream may not mean that the person is dying in the first place. In the language of dreams, death can be a symbol for change and other types of transitions. However if the person does pass on, I think of it as angels whispering in your ear to provide a bit of gentle warning to perhaps lessen the shock a bit.

Until next time, I wish you peace, love and Sweet Dreams,


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