Sunday, November 16, 2014

Naked in Public!

One of the Five Most Common Dreams that people report is one where they are naked or partially undressed in public. I have heard many versions of this dream theme. I had it once in forth grade. I was a very modest girl. In my dream I had my blouse on, panties, socks and shoes, I had a bow in my hair and my eyeglasses on…but no skirt! I was at school when I looked down and realized why kids were pointing at me and laughing; I was devastated that people could see my underwear.

I woke up with a feeling of dread, shame, and embarrassment. Boys had seen my panties; teachers had seen…it was too much. Thinking back I realize that, at the tender age of 10, I was just starting to notice boys. I was a teacher's pet and Mrs. Field’s opinion was so important to me. In the dream, I felt exposed and un-worthy of being one of her favorite students in the class. I felt vulnerable. She did have a high opinion of me. I think I wanted to live up to it. My third grade teacher did not like me and she was not nice or kind to me. Kids are so easily influenced by the feelings of others, peers and authority figures help us form our opinion of ourselves.
In the language of dreams, being naked can have a few meanings. One is that the dreamer is not hiding a thing! He or she is being butt-naked honest. However, most often this dream comes when we feel that we are not entirely prepared for an important situation. If you have a naked or only partially dressed in public dream, do you know or realize in the dream that you are naked? If so, how do you feel when you make this discovery? Whatever you feel in the dream, ask yourself: When, in my waking life, do I feel the same? Exposed? What makes me feel that way? There may be some action you can take to feel better prepared and less anxious.
The way we feel when we wake offers clues to the meaning of our dream. Some wake laughing or crying! Most dreamers have awakened at some point with a feeling unrelated to just waking up. It can feel like a dream hangover. Common feelings include: anxiety, dread, fear, shame, joy and excitement. Try to pay attention to how you feel when you wake and how that feeling relates to your dream and then to your waking life.

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