Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Don't Dream,
What's Up With That?

Almost every day someone says or writes to me that they do not dream, or that they feel as if they dream but they don't remember them. I address this is my book: Dream Power, How To Use Your Night Dreams To Change Your Life, Simon & Schuster 2000, available from our Shop Link…but I want to answer here for those of you who have asked me recently.
  1. There is nothing wrong with you.
  2. Most of us forget the majority of our dreams.
  3. You are dreaming, though, you just don't remember.
  4. Great News! You can learn to remember more of your dreams.
  5. This is not difficult; dreams are our natural way of being.
  6. Every person, gender, culture, age, throughout history, from the beginning of humankind has dreamed.
  7. Dreams are valuable and important.
  8. Dreams help us deal with the stress of our waking life.
  9. Dreams are compensatory; they provide what we are not getting during our waking hours. For example, if you are on a diet, you might dream of delicious desserts, if you have been sexually active but are going through a period of celibacy you may dream of satisfying sex. If you gave up smoking or drinking you may dream of enjoying these things and wake panicked that you reverted. Your body is merely assisting you with your choice by compensating you during your sleep. And so on!
  10. To remember your dreams, simply remind yourself before you go to sleep. Tell yourself, I will remember my dreams, when I wake my dreams will easily come to mind. Have a pen and notepad or your dream journal at your bedside. Jot down your dream as soon as you wake as they are fleeting and often evaporate quickly.
You can do this and I promise the rewards will be powerfully helpful and enlightening.
Some have dreadful dreams, they may reflect past trauma or abuse. Some people squelch their dreams for this reason. I truly understand this. You may simply want a peaceful night's sleep. And, I would like to encourage you, when you feel ready, and perhaps with the help of a therapist, dream analyst, clergy person or enlightened friend, open your mind to dreaming and process those fitful, disturbing dreams. You will learn and grow from that experience. And then you can have fabulous, wonderful, helpful dreams and deeply satisfying sleep.
Until next time, all my best wishes for your best, most helpful dreams,

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