Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Dreams…

Most nights I remember at least part of a dream. Sometimes though, all I actually remember is my own interpretation of the dream. Part of my mind is deciphering the dream while I am having it and I wake up with the advice from my dream! I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was giving a young woman a ride on the back of my bike. I shouted at a car that was driving below the speed limit, “Com’on Pops! Let’s go!” Then when the car turned I realized that it was an elderly woman driving. I thought “Mom’s” isn’t quite effective in this instance. I realized that it was hard to pedal with the young woman on the back. It was good exercise but I wasn’t getting very far, very fast.  When I woke I was reminded of several women who I have helped in various ways, which made me very happy. Then I thought of so many women who have helped me over the years, which made me feel very grateful.

In the language of dreams a bicycle can represent balance, since you must stay balanced to ride one.  In my dream there was both a young woman who I was helping to get to where she wanted to be and an older woman who was in my way, going slow. Both women could be parts of myself. Sometimes it feels as though things are moving way too slow, will I be old before I get to where I want to be? Other times I feel like I am just going along for the ride, but not in charge. I was riding on a familiar street in Southern CA next to a park with beautiful green grass. I think the dream was reminding me that life is an adventure. Enjoy the beauty and do the best you can, and it feels great to help others along the way. Even so, I am going to incubate a dream tonight to see what else I can do to move things along!

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