Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sting on The Actor's Studio

I just watched the amazingly accomplished Sting interviewed by James Lipton. Sting has sold more than 100 million records, (you do know what records are, right?) has won 16 Grammy Awards, three Academy Awards, one Emmy, and a Golden Globe. He has acted in 15 movies, has written two best selling books and has recently been announced to receive a Kennedy Center Honor this year. And, he relies on his nightly dreams for creativity and for working through his psyche in a very Jungian process. Bravo Sting! Our nightly dreams are think tanks for problem solving as well as a fertile environment for creativity and inspiration.
Both Billy Joel and Sir Paul McCartney have spoken publicly about using their dreams as song incubators. Both melody and lyrics have hovered present as they woke. Joel talked about running to his piano to be certain he had captured the melody gifted to him in his dreams. And McCartney shared that the melody to his song "Yesterday" came in a dream.
Years back, for my column in the Los Angeles Times, I interviewed the woman who co-wrote the Rocky theme. Two time Oscar nominated Carol Connors, is a delightful woman, she would wake with a song in her head and (back in the day) record it on her telephone answering machine, which was on her nightstand.
The melody to “Gonna Fly Now” (you remember the one, it goes, dah - dah - dah-ta-dah - dah - ta - dah - dah - dah... as Rocky is running up the capitol steps in his training for the big fight) came to her in her sleep during the time she was collaborating with another songwriter. That was her dream, just the proper notes and sequence of that song, she woke humming the melody! She told me that this dream bought her a house in Beverly Hills and a Rolls Royce. She set me up on a blind date that didn't work out so well... but that is another story!
She would also sometimes call me at 6:00 AM, excited to share a “dream song.” I was not as enthusiastic as she, as I revere my sleep. That again is another story.
Anyway, what is so exciting to me is that YOU, dear dreamer, can do the same thing! Call in your dream muse. Ask your subconscious mind a specific question before you go to sleep. Write your dream down as soon as you wake as they can evaporate quickly. Use this valuable asset available to you nightly, free of charge and as close as your pillow! If you want a little direction to get you started, email or call me, we can set up an appointment and you will be on your way!
Until next time, I wish you creative and helpful dreams,

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