Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dreaming of Your Ex

This morning I woke with three dreams about the same past love. Very often I am asked how to stop dreaming of an Ex. People say I divorced him or her why am I still dreaming about him? There can be many reasons, but if there is no unfinished business regarding that former partner, chances are that they simply represent what you associate with them, just as every other dream symbol.
 In my dream I was in bed waiting for my husband to come to bed. I got up to get a glass of water and when I returned there was a tall aluminum ladder resting across the bed. I lifted it off and as I did, I saw my former husband lying on my side, feet where the head goes and on his belly. He looked out of his right eye at me then closed his eyes again. At that point I remembered that we no longer slept in the same bed and I wondered where I was supposed to sleep. I found a small twin bed in another room and decided that it would be fine for the night. In the next dream I had driven up to my former husband's new home. It was a large two or more story home overlooking a huge expanse of land. As I reached the top of the driveway. I got out and looked over the land. I was surprised to see magnificent lions, bears, and many other types of animals all living there. In one second's time my thought went from--what an amazing thing to be able to witness all of these incredible animals coexisting on this amazing piece of land to--what is protecting me from these fierce, wild animals? I began running back down the road, but a huge full grown lion and a big Grizzly bear were chasing me. I heard my former husband bellow out a yell and knew that the animals would stop and that I was safe. In the third scene my same former love and I were in a family living room. It was some sort of a reunion. A beautiful young girl came up to me, she was about three and a half years old, had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pretty blue dress, the type a little girl would be proud of. She was looking at me and then had an "ah ha" moment as she recognized me as her auntie. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me in big, happy hug as if she missed and loved me. My husband observed this exchange wondering who the girl was and how she was related, he was confused but smiling. 
There are far too many symbols to break down in this blog, but the fact that my former husband was in all three certainly got my attention. In the first dream I can take away that our rolls and positions have changed. The ladder may be my tool to move on and upward in my growth. It tells me that I will find my own way and place on my own. 
The second invites me to be comfortable with my natural instincts and reminds me that I am protected. There are no hard feelings.
The third reminds me that I have a loving place in the family of humankind. 
My former spouse is symbolic for resolve, strength, protection and gentle observation. 
So do not fret, if you are dreaming of an Ex, ask yourself: What are they symbolic for? What adjectives would you use to describe them to someone who didn't know them? Your answer will give you clues as to how your subconscious mind uses him or her in your dreams. 
Until next time, all my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams, Cynthia

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  1. My husband passed in 2009 but we had been seperated for years before he passed. Recently I had a very nice sexual dream with him. Im single and alone, so that dream was quite nice and seemed so real! What would it mean for me to have a sexual dream with him after all these many years?