Friday, October 24, 2014

Nathan Lane

I was watching Late Night this evening/early morning while in bed, wanting to drift off to dreamland... when host Seth Meyers mentioned that Nathan Lane would be his first guest on the show. I adore Nathan, so I postponed my plans for slumber momentarily. To my delight, Nathan asked Seth if he had ever witnessed a dog having a nightmare. Seth said yes, he had and they described a few possibilities for laughs.

If you have ever been a pet parent you have no doubt experienced this first hand. The truth is that all mammals dream. Researchers are currently studying other species to determine if they dream as well. Dreams, are important to our health and well being... even if we don’t interpret them. However, when we do... well, the Talmud puts it this way: “An un-interpreted dream is like an un-opened letter from God.” Please, read “God” as “Universe”, “Spirit”, or whatever you hold as the “larger than you, contributing force of nature”... we all dream every night! You may not remember your dreams but you are still benefiting from them. Stress is managed, for example, through our dreams.

I have an early call tomorrow and now I will not get as much sleep as I prefer, however, I felt it important to share this post with you.
Do not wake a pet in the midst of a nightmare, let them follow it through, unless, of course, they will be physically harmed. The same goes for humans. :)

Until next time, all my best wishes for your sweet dreams,

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