Monday, October 6, 2014

Dreaming for Dollars

Last night I had a dream that my daughter had cashed in something of value that belonged to me, she was excited to give me the bounty. It was all in coins, old fashioned large scale silver dollars mostly, two were blue and the feeling was that they were more valuable. One was a smaller half-dollar coin. In the dream there was about $135.00 worth of money. She had traded in a coin of mine which had increased in value. She was 14 or 15 years old (half her actual life) and her dad was waiting in his van while she came up to my door to give me this surprise.

My daughter is often in my dreams. Sometimes she represents a younger version of myself, other times I actually tune-in to her life and circumstances. She represents my deepest love and attachment. Money in the language of dreams can be literal or just represent value. However coins can represent change. Two of mine were blue, a color I associate with spirituality and communication. So! Something I love deeply and dearly is bringing me a change of great value involving what I consider to be my life purpose or soul contract involving communication. And bringing it right to my doorstep! 

I feel as if the change is my new website and the opportunities it will bring to do what I love so much, that is to help people remember and interpret their nightly dreams and use them to improve the quality of their lives. YaY!~!~!
Until next time, wishing you great sleep and wonderful dreams. 

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