Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dreaming While Traveling

Many people who do not remember many dreams at home during their weekly routine, do remember their nightly dreams while traveling. Whether for business or pleasure being in a new environment can simulate dream recall. I am currently in West Virginia at the historic and grand Greenbrier Hotel. I spoke yesterday at the Lady's luncheon on the topic of dreams and their meanings. It was great fun.

The amazing wife of the Chairman who coordinated the many social aspects of the annual meeting of AEIC, used the vibrant colors of my book cover as her inspiration and chose shiny orange tablecloths and royal blue runners, orangey yellow Zinnias in brass urns centered each table. It was a wonderful event! A few women told me that they didn't know what to expect and didn't think they would like what I had to say, but they did truly enjoy and appreciate my presentation. That made me very happy.
Such a lovely table setting that matches the colors in my book.

Last night I felt as if I dreamed all night. There was so much stimulation, people, entertainment, my subconscious mind juggled it all throughout the night.

I woke feeling happy and at peace. I hope you did too. If not, perhaps I can be helpful.
Until next time all my best wishes for your Sweet Dreams!


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