Monday, October 13, 2014

How To Remember Your Dreams

A few blogs ago I promised to give you some tools to assist you in remembering more of your nightly dreams.
It is truly not at all difficult for most people. But you have to want to remember them. Some people dealing with trauma or unpleasant memories have dreams in which the unsettling times or abuse seem to be relived and therefore they intentionally block their dream memory. If this applies to you, counseling can be most helpful. I encourage you to talk with a trusted family member or friend, a clergy person or therapist. The Veterans Administration has post traumatic stress programs and there are other resources available. If none of these appeals to you, try writing out your story to eliminate the need to loop it in your mind. Another technique is to fictionalize the story, make it about other characters, not you. 
If you do want to remember your dreams gather a journal and a light-up pen or small flashlight and pen to place at your bedside. Remind yourself before you go to sleep that you want to remember your dreams. If you wake to an alarm link those two; When my alarm goes off my dream will easily come to mind. If no alarm is involved in your waking simply say to yourself: I will remember my dreams, my dreams are important to me, when I wake my dream will easily come to mind. 
When you wake, try to lie still for a moment or get right back into the last position you were in as you woke. You have just completed a dream cycle. What were you dreaming about? What are your feelings? Jot down your dream, even if it is just a feeling or a fragment. You will build on this. Keep up this process and very soon your subconscious mind will deliver your vivid and helpful dreams each morning. 
For more personalized assistance please make an appointment to work with me. You will use the specific tools we will create to enhance your sleep and dream time for the rest of your life!
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